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Last Update: October 2014

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This web site is designed to be a resource to help you find interesting facts about Brereton history and genealogy.  For example:
    - information about the Brereton surname and the Motto
    - different ways to spell Brereton
    - the Brereton History, the Brereton Coat of Arms, other Brereton sites

New Items:
- REV JOSEPH LLOYD BRERETON AND RAILWAYS by Doug Watts and Michael Sandford
- Book about Barnard Castle in County Durham

Here's a link to Jeanie Atkins' "The Breretons from Ireland" site. It's got some great information and you can request access to the "family information" (in the security box on the right side).

An Ahnentafel Chart for James Billington.

Faye Brereton-Goodwin just updated her book about "Brereton Irish History".

Michael Sandford just updated his webpage giving an overview of the results of DNA testing of 5 Brereton male lines. He shows a diagram of the connections back to 1100. See: DNA Research on the Brereton Surname.

An interesting e-mail about Thomas Brereton, Virginia Gentelman.

Books about Brereton's sent in from Rosemary Jewers:
  - The Brereton's of Cheshire 1100-1904
  - The Story of Brereton Hall Cheshire
  - The history of the county Palatine and city of Chester
A book from Elva Masters.
E-mails from other Breretons around the world. If you have any information about Brereton's, please send us an e-mail, so we can include it on the web site. Also, here's a link to My Trip to Brereton, England 















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