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Here is an e-mail from Ros Magee, Managing Director:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My mother Muriel, was a Brereton, born in 1926, emigrating from Ireland to Australia in 1960 and dying in Australia in 2002.

My cousin, Dermott Brereton, is a legendary Australian Rules footballer, who also runs a television travel series in Australia. (and Google re You Tube)

Interestingly, I have suggested that he contact you regarding the Brereton genealogy, as Dermott is embarking on a television travel series in Ireland and England to search his roots.

Dermott Brereton’s parents Dermott Joseph Brereton and Jean Nancy Austin were married at St. Jude’s Parish Church in Kilmainham, Dublin on the 29th July 1952. The groom was then living at 4 Mayfield Road, South Circular Road, Kilmainham, Dublin – and his occupation was recorded as Musician. The bride then lived at 17 Brookfield Road, Kilmainham.


Dermott (Joseph) Brereton was born on the 19th August 1928 at 14 Griffith Square in Dublin South City – to Joseph Brereton – a sales clerk - and Annie Murphy.

On the marriage certificate of Dermott Joseph Brereton his father’s occupation was then described as ‘Auctioneer’.

Joseph (Patrick) Brereton and Annie Murphy were married in the Roman Catholic Church of St Kevin, Harrington Street Dublin on the 30th June 1926. The groom’s address was recorded as 20 Aughrim Street, Dublin, and the bride’s address was 14 Griffith Square, Dublin.

Joseph’s occupation was then described as ‘Pawnbroker’.

Their children were Muriel, Dermott, Barbara, Dorothy and Joan. All but Dorothy are now deceased.

His marriage record also confirms that he was son of Patrick Brereton, a store keeper. Annie’s father was recorded as Michael Murphy- a British Soldier.

The church certificate of the marriage of Joseph and Annie confirms that:

   · Joseph Brereton was son of Patrick Brereton and his wife Kathleen Dobbyn.and
   · Annie Murphy was daughter of Michael Murphy and Anne Farrell.

The 1911 census return for Patrick Brereton records that:

   · Joseph Brereton was born circa 1904/5 in Dublin City
   · His parents were married circa 1884/5 – they had five children born alive – 4 of whom were still living including their son Francis who was born in Dublin City circa 1898.
   · Joseph’s father Patrick was born circa 1862/3 in Co Kildare
   · His mother Catherine was born circa 1868/9 in Co Kildare
   · His widowed grand-mother Mary Dobbyn was born in Co. Kildare circa 1839/8 – was married for 52 years and had 13 children born alive – 8 of whom were still living in April 1911

The marriage of Patrick Brereton and Kate (Catherine) Dobbyn took place in the Roman Catholic Chapel of Suncroft (near Kildare town) in County Kildare on the 3rd August 1882. Their marriage record indicates that Patrick was born about 1856 – some 6/7 years prior to that indicated on his 1911 census return. It indicates that Kate was born circa 1861 – about 8 years prior to that indicated on the 1911 census return.(Such discrepancies are not uncommon, so one could conclude that the ages recorded on the couple’s marriage certificate are somewhat more accurate than those recorded on the 1911 census return)

Patrick’s address at the time of his marriage was Blessington (Co. Wicklow) and his occupation was described as Coachman. His father’s name was recorded as John Brereton- a labourer - who was then deceased. Kate’s address at the time of her marriage was Kilrush (Co. Kildare) and her father’s name was recorded as James Dobbyn – a herd.

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Feel free to contact Ros Magee [] if you have any additional information.



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