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Below are some e-mails from around the world. Each has been used with permission from the sender. E-mail addresses have been include so that other Brereton's can communicate with each other and possibly provide family connections and/or share other Brereton stories. If you would like to post your e-mail, send it to Bruce Brereton.

Most recent items on top:
Anne Steel, Australia, 12 Nov 2014 Clay Brewington, North Carolina, 30 Jan 2014
Rebecca Mayfield, UK, 13 Feb 2013 Daniel Comyn, Canberra, Australia, 30 Nov 2012
Sue Young, North London, 29 Nov 2012 Jack Haney, Seattle, WA, 30 Oct 2012
C. Headley, Gloucestershire 22 Aug 2012 Daniel Comyn , Australie 4 Jul 2012
Rebecca Walch , 23 Mar 2012 Alyn Brereton , Modesto, CA 5 Feb 2012

Patsy McKearney, Maidstone Kent UK, 1 Jan 2012

Cathleen Stewart, Rock Hill, SC, 16 June 2011

M Dugan, Ireland, 4 June 2011

Patty Rupp, Canada, 20 Mar 2011
Connie Brereton, Mexico, 13 Feb 2011 Rosemary Jewers, UK, 9 Mar 2011
Patty Rupp, Canada, 11 Jan 2011 George Wik, Alberta, Canada, 30 Jan 2011
Lisa Brereton, Utah, USA, 12 Jan 2011 Chad Hughes, Alabama, USA, 26 Dec 2010
Rupert Dennison, Worcestershire, UK, 10 Nov 2010 Cheryl Noblitt Moore, Indiana, 15 Nov 2010
Stephanie Brewerton, Cheshire, 20 Oct 2010 Daphne Thurlow, Edinburgh, 4 Nov 2010
Vivian Bolick, Titusville, FL, USA , 16 Oct 2010 Dave Campbell, England, 14 Oct 2010
Tommye Jackson, Denver, CO, USA , 1 Sept 2010 Kaye Smith, England, 23 Sept 2010
Michelle Babb, Illinois, USA , 18 Aug 2010 MaryEllen Carson, Califonia, USA, 9 Aug 2010
Kaylene Brereton George, Caribbean, 3 Aug 2010 Raena Brereton, Minnesota, USA, 15 Jul 2010

Louise MacIntosh, Maryland, USA , 07 July 2010

Roy Tonkin , Australia, 10 July 2010
Ruth, Oregon, USA , 06 July 2010 Ken Brereton, Swindon England, 01 July 2010
Helen Clark, Colorado, 20 May 2010 Thomas Brereton, UK, 13 May 2010
Chris Brueton, UK, 14 Jan 2010 Emma Taylor, UK, 4 Jan 2010
Bonita C, Ontario, Canada, 30 Dec 2009 Cliff Brereton, Manchester, UK, 11 Dec 2009
Emails before Oct 2009
Helen Manton, Bedfordshire, England, 4 Oct 2009 Calvin Brereton, Nova Scotia, Canada, 25 Sept 2009
Clare Chambers, South Yorkshire, UK, 15 Aug 2009 Rosie, Cornwall, UK, 29 Jul 2009
Rebecca Mayfield, UK, 14 May 2009 Andrew Davis, California, USA, 24 Feb 2009
John Rouse, McLean, Virginia, USA, 28 Jan 2009 Leona Donnelly, York, 9 Oct 2008
  Jen Warner, Illinois, USA, 17 Sept 2008
Vincent Tickner, Brighton, England, 27 May 2008 Christopher Brereton, Manchester, England, 26 May 2008
Tara, Canada, 1 May 2008 Andrea Brereton, Cheshire, England, 2 Apr 2008
Chris Brereton, California, USA, 20 Mar 2008 Mary Duvall, South Carolina, USA, 15 Mar 2008
Sue Kelly, Sydney, Austrailia, 21 Feb 2008 Kay Brereton, Vancouver, Canada, 19 Jan 2008
Adam Cole, Staffordshire England, 5 Jan 2008 Deanna, North Queensland, Australia, 5 Nov 2007
Frances Grey, West Australia, 2 Nov 2007 Chris Hamilton, Notherham, UK, 23 Oct 2007
Don Hayes, Ireland, 19 Sep 2007 Robert Brereton, Minnesota, USA, 9 Sep 2007
Shannon Thompson, Ontario, Canada, 19 August 2007 Mike Davis, St. Paul, Minnesota, 19 August 2007
Geoffrey Holt, England, 18 August 2007 Suzanne Soutter, Melbourne, Australia, 19 August 2007

Ian Brereton, Norwich, England, 7 July 2007

Graham Heather, Essex, England, 1 July 2007

Robyn Gygi, Utah, USA, 18 June 2007

Frances Grey, Australia, 1 June 2007
Noel Egodawela, Southend-on-Sea England, 1 May 2007 Oliver Mayfield, East Devan, England, 26 April 2007
Helen Favelle, Australia, 2 April 2007 Anthony Brereton, Trinidad, 8 March 2007
Anthony Brereton, Trinidad, 7 March 2007 Bonnie Gaffin, Lake Worth, Florida, 19 Feb 2007
Philippa Brereton, Barbados, 9 Feb 2007 Victoria Hollinshead, (previous student), 13 Jan 2007
Lloyd Brereton, Quebec, Canada, 28 Dec 2006 Peter Clements, Monitoba, Canada, 13 Dec 2006
Rosalind Abbotts, Sheffield, UK, 1 Nov 2006 Catherine, Lincolnshire, UK, 21 Sep 2006
Rod Brereton, Melbourne, Australia, 15 Sep 2006 Molly Simpson, Iowa, USA, 22 Aug 2006
Deborah Frost, New Jersey, USA, 13 Aug 2006 Greg Bruorton, Louisiana, USA, 11 Aug 2006
Frances Grey, West Australia, 11 Jul 2006 Marie Mulvey-Roberts, England, 7 Jul 2006
Kym Noblett, New Haven, Australia, 21 Jun 2006 Dee Nightingale., UK, 30 May 2006
Ben Barbour, New Haven, Conn., 28 Apr 2006 Howard Brereton, Manchester, UK., 4 Apr 2006
Vanessa Ryan, from Ireland, 31 Mar 2006 Amin Ullah, Coventry, UK, 27 Mar 2006
Merle Ling, Trinidad, 24 Mar 2006 Ian McIlvanney, Manchester, England, 21 Mar 2006
Jill Smith, Brisbane Australia, 3 Mar 2006 Beth Brereton, New Zealand, 16 Feb 2006
Craig Thornber, Chreshire, England, 11 Feb 2006 Ray Krepp, Perth, Western Australia, 3 Feb 2006
Mary Simpson, Iowa, USA , 23 Jan 2006 Karen, Pennsylvania, USA, 18 Jan 2006
Mary Rogers, Shropshire, England, 24 Dec 2005 Yvonne Taylor, England, 17 Dec 2005
Bill Hansford, Birmingham, Alabama, 24 Nov 2005 Gayle Lohse, Australia, 15 Nov 2005
Val Wright, Canada, 4 Nov 2005 Sharon Brereton, BC, Canada, 4 Nov 2005
John Conway, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 22 Oct 2005 Roger Brereton, Cheshire, England, 23 Oct 2005
Adrian Wittey, Buckinghamshire, England, 21 Sept 2005 Andrew Semple, Romsey, England 5 Sept 2005
Anita Burns, Brantford, Ontario, 23 August 2005 Flia Breerton, Argentine, 18 August 2005
Andy Brereton, Australia, 10 August 2005 Shawn Brereton, Tennessee, USA, 17 July 2005
John Brereton, California, USA, 27 June 2005 Philip Griffiths, Lancashire, England, 19 June 2005
J Maylett, England, 17 June 2005 David Legrand, France, 10 June 2005
Murray Brereton, New Zealand, 23 May 2005 Donald McCarry, England, 18 May 2005
Previous items:
Shirley Rogers, Wales, 10 May 2005 Judy Woods, USA, 17 June 2004
John Brereton, Brisbane, Australia, 21 Apr 2005 Mark Brereton, Georgia, USA, 17 June 2004
Buzz Wojecki, Louisiana, USA, 20 Apr 2005 Jaede Brereton, Florida, USA, 29 May 2004
Robert Edgerton, Florida, USA, 16 Apr 2005 Jennifer Munday, California, USA, 12 May 2004
DeWayne Sperry, Utah, USA, 2 Apr 2005 Elizabeth Soric, Adelaide, South Australia, 15 Apr 2004
Nicola Parkman, USA, 29 Mar 2005 Barry Brown, Holmes Chapel, England, 7 Apr 2004
Beth Brereton, Sandbach, England, 24 Mar 2005 Julie Hardy, England, 28 Mar 2004
Beverly Brereton Friesen, Oklahoma, USA, 13 Mar 2005 Mark Brereton, Ohio, USA, 26 Mar 2004
Fran Wright, Australia, 12 Mar 2005 Steve Briarton, Illinois, USA, 24 Mar 2004
Ronald Brereton, Barbados, 6 Mar 2005 June Nicholls, Australia, 27 Feb 2004
Mary Ann Brewington Burgess, SC, USA, 24 Feb 2005 John Baker, Illinois, USA, 16 Feb 2004
Richard Brereton, Australia, 18 Feb 2005 Bob Wolfe, USA, 24 Jan 2004
Paul Brierton, Wicklow, Ireland, 16 Feb 2005 Dan Brereton, Nevada, USA, 22 Jan 2004
Adam Adshead, Billericay, Essex, UK, 7 Feb 2005 Steven Brereton, Cambridge, England, 17 Jan 2004
Michelle Kjelland, Wisconsin, USA, 17 Jan 2005 Glen Brereton, Ireland, 9 Jan 2004
Sherre Brereton Burnett, 3 Jan 2005 Spencer Smith, Wrexham, Wales, 8 Jan 2004
Katy Williams, Ellesmere Port, England, 8 Dec 2004 Raphaël Carfa, France, 30 Dec 2003
Jayson Breeton, Oregon, USA, 22 Nov 2004  
Peter Ford, Gold Coast, Australia, 16 Sept 2004 Keith McCormick, Virginia, USA, 9 Mar 2002
Keith Hancox, Gerrards Cross, UK, 5 Aug 2004 Bruce Brereton, Whidbey Island, USA, 17 June 2001
Pat Brewington, USA, 3 Aug 2004 Erica A. Brannon, a former resident of Brereton Hall


-----Original Message-----
Graeme Steel [mailto:graemejsteel@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 1:25 PM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: breretons.

My name is anne steel nee krohn descended from the breretons of harthill cheshire and flintshire .and hopefully you can connect me to gayle lohse of melbourne. my great grandparents thomas and ann brereton migrated to australia with george and sarah brereton in 1858. so just to get the story straight, george  thomas william.. john and their sister mary all came  to aust. edward stayed in wales at isycoed. edward.s son william came out with his aunt and uncle after they had returned for a holiday. john then went to america and later went back to eng. my great grandmother ann was a twin of elizabeth. their father was richard brereton spouse of elizabeth lea.i have been able to get in touch with a lot of family members, but not the desc. of george or mary. so i/m still trying. so if you would please put this on your page maybe some of them will see it. many thanks anne my e-mail is – anne_steel1@bigpond.com


-----Original Message-----
rebecca mayfield [mailto: reb4may@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2013 2:50 AM
To: brucebre
Subject: William Henry Brereton QC

Would like any information re. parents/siblings/ancestry of William Henry Brereton QC of Hong Kong (born c.1828 Dublin died 24 Oct 1887 HK). He married twice-1st to Eliza Jane Scholes (widow)-daughter Emily Charlotte Brereton (widow of Count Hans Kioer) married Thomas Ponsonby King Kennan (Commissioner of Basutoland). They had a son Thomas Brereton Kennan MC. 2nd WHB married 1878 Kensington to Annie Louisa Latimer Collin. Their elder daughter Ethel Latimer Brereton (born HK 1879) married Capt. Henry Barnard Stoton (widower -born Ooty 1867 died Cologne 1922).

Thomas PK Kennan and Capt. HB Stoton were also themselves related both being gt grandsons of Major Henry Yarde Hon. East India co, (born c.1772 and died Chudleigh Devon).

>>>>>> Additional email from Feb. 13, 2013 <<<<<<<

I am trying to find the parents and forebears of John Brereton (1816-1881 of Queens Co. and Grafton st. Dublin tosee if there is a connection to William Brereton and Elizabeth Johnson (grandparents of William Henry Brereton QC of Hong Kong).
 I am in regular contact with Rosemary Jewers and also with Faye Brereton-Goodwin who mentioned a connection in her research (Breretons of Ireland) between John Brereton and William Brereton.
Yes please could you post my questions on the brereton website?



-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Comyn [mailto:bonaccordimpex@bigpond.com]
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 1:24 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Fw: Inquiry re Kate Brereton

Dear  Bruce

 My name is Daniel Reginald Comyn the Great Grandson of Kate Barlow nee' Brereton

 I hope that you will be able to give me a link to my GGMama?  She married GGPa Alfred William Barlow a businessman from Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa

 As far as the family can gather she was English by birth. According to attached Death certificate   GGPa Alfred William Barlow  also son of Alfred Willam Barlow(also of Bloemfontein) was English, born in the town of Blackmore Essex.

It appears  that although the  Bloemfontein Barlow's business and life was largely South African the children were all born in England?

 This would have meant traveling by steam ship from Cape Town a sea trip that I would imagine could not have been less than 4-5 weeks in the 1800's?

 It is also clear that GGPA  from family records that Ipswich was a an assumed  place of residence during these visits?

The fact that he died in Ipswich on one of his visits could suggest that this was also linked to the birth of his youngest child Lancelot White Barlow?  Further family anecdotal evidence shows that Kate Brereton may have  came from Ipswich? Therefore  it follows that a heavily pregnant woman of that era could prefer to have her children near to her family support "back home."?

That is all we know about her other than she was buried at the family farm "Wolwehoek" In the Free State.(Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to visit there and this information was only recently shared with me by a South Africa cousin. I believe my mother might also have been  born there?

 The name Brereton lives on in her grand son Dr. Geoffrey Brereton  Barlow (now in his 94 Th. year). My Mother's name  (deceased in 2007)were Felicite' Brereton Barlow.

 We assume this is a family tradition that started with Kate's marriage to AWB.

 Any information or direction that you could share  and advise about Kate's origins will be gratefully received.

 Kindest regards
 Daniel R  Comyn
 Canberra, ACT. Australia


-----Original Message-----
From: susan.anne.young@gmail.com [mailto:susan.anne.young@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 2:56 AM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: John le Gay Brereton

Hi Bruce

I have been given your contact by Doug Watts as he is researching James John Wilkinson junior (1844-?) and I am researching his father  James John Garth Wilkinson (1812-1899) who was a close friend of  John Le Gay Brereton (1827-1886).  Eliza Hackett Ford Wilkinson (?1843-1887) was the 1st wife of James John Wilkinson junior (1844-?).



Doug Watts supplied  '... There may be a connection to a family called Brereton (involved with railways in Norfolk) and one of their descendants informed me he was related to Eliza Hackett Ford (great, great nephew I think--sorting it out)...'  Doug Watts email 26th November 2012...'

I wonder if you have any information on this?

Thanks in advance




-----Original Message-----
From: Jack Haney [mailto:jackvhaney@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 9:58 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Please post to your website! We live in Seattle.

I am seeking information about one Henry Brereton, who published a book The Present Miseries of Rushia in London in 1614. Please write me at jackvhaney@gmail.com if you have any. Thank you. J. Haney

From: Jack Haney [mailto: jackvhaney@gmail.com ]
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 10:14 AM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: Two Breretons.

Do you have any information about one Henry Brereton, who flourished in London (?) at least in the first decades of the seventeenth century and was a published writer? ( The Present Miseries of Rushia, London 1614) I would be most grateful if you could provide any information on him.

I am married to a Brereton, Barbara Mary, born in 1939 in Sheffield. Her family had lived in Sheffield for several decades but she believes they earlier lived in East Anglia.

My interest in Henry Brereton is academic. I am a retired UW professor of Russian and am trying to learn something, anything, about Henry Brereton. Colleagues in England have so far been unable to help me.

Thank you in advance. Yours, Jack V. Haney




-----Original Message-----
From: alynbrereton@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 5:12 PM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton Ancestry

Dear Bruce,

What is the best method to trace my Brereton ancestry starting with my grandfather William Large Brereton born in Wavertree, England in 1883?
Thanks & cheers,

Alyn Robert Brereton, Ph.D.



-----Original Message-----
From: Christine Headley [mailto:christine.headley@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 7:24 AM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: Jack Brereton of Leicester

My grandmother was a Brereton, from the Irish branch.

There is a British television programme called 'Heir Hunters' about finding heirs (restricted to quite close cousins) of people who have died intestate. Probate researchers often start with the government's Bona Vacantia list. I checked out several surnames with which I'm connected, and came up with Jack Brereton of Leicester. I have a copy of his death certificate, but the General Registration Office doesn't seem to have his birth certificate.

Anyone connected with the Breretons of Leicester could find this worth pursuing, and I would be happy to pass on the death certificate.

The government keeps the money for heirs for up to thirty years, and Jack died in the mid 1990s.

Best wishes

Christine Headley
Butterrow, Stroud, Glos

> Please reply to < christine@chps.co.uk> as this address survives changes of ISP etc.



-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Comyn [mailto:bonaccordimpex@bigpond.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2012 8:59 PM
Subject: Inquiry re Kate Brereton

Dear  Bruce

 I found your name as the contact for the Brereton Website. http://www.brereton.org/emails1.htm

 My name is Daniel Reginald Comyn the Great Grandson of Kate Barlow nee' Brereton

 I hope that you will be able to give me a link to my GGMama?

 She married GGPa Alfred William Barlow a businessman from Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa

 As far as the family can gather she was English by birth.

According to attached Death certificate   GGPa Alfred William Barlow  also son of Alfred Willam Barlow(also of Bloemfontein) was English, born in the town of Blackmore Essex.

It appears  that although the  Bloemfontein Barrow's business and life was largely South African the children were all born in England?

 This would have meant traveling by steam ship from Cape Town a sea trip that I would imagine could not have been less than 4-5 weeks in the 1800's?

 It is also clear that GGPA  from family records that Ipswich was a an assumed  place of residence during these visits?

The fact that he died in Ipswich on one of his visits could suggest that this was also linked to the birth of his youngest child Lancelot white Barlows?

 Further family anecdotal evidence shows that Kate Brereton my  came from Ipswich.

Therefore  it follows that a heavily pregnant woman of that era could prefer to have her children near to her family support "back home."?

 That is all we know about her other than she was buried at the family farm "Wolwehoek" In the Free State.(Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to visit there and this information was only recently shared with me by a South Africa cousin. I believe my mother might also have been  born there?

 The name Brereton lives on in her grand son Dr. Geoffrey Brereton  Barlow (now in his 94 Th. year). My Mother's name  (deceased in 2007)were Felicite' Brereton Barlow.

 We assume this is a family tradition that started with Kate's marriage to AWB.

 Any information or direction that you could share  and advise about Kate's origins will be gratefully received.

 Kindest regards

 Daniel R  Comyn
 Canberra, ACT. Australia


-----Original Message-----
From: Rebecca Walch [mailto:rebeccaimwalch@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2012 10:40 AM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: Judith Brereton Rotheram Pell: Was she alive after 1640? Did she marry someone surnamed Hill and live in Rock Parish?

Dear Bruce,

I just found your Brereton website online.  I'm hoping you can help me.  Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.

In connection with my research of the 1654 Indian land purchase by Thomas Pell of Fairfield, Connecticut, I am researching the only known copy of the purchase document.  On the back of the copy--made between 1654 and 1660-- is the address "To my loving mother Judith Hill living in ye Rock Prsh".  I am trying to determine if Judith Hill was Judith Brereton Rotheram Pell.

Judith Brereton was the daughter of Richard Brereton.  She first married Edward Rotheram who died in 1619.  She then married Sir Anthony Pell who died in 1640.  According to a Pell historian, Judith and Anthony raised Thomas (1608-1669) and his brother John (1611-1685) after their parents died. 

I am trying to figure out:

--Was Judith Brereton Rotheram Pell still alive after 1640?
--Did Judith marry a man surnamed Hill by 1654?
--Where was Rock Parish; was it the Rock Parish in Worcestershire?

Thank you very much,
Rebecca Walch

Source:  Some account of the Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of the city of London, during the first quarter of the seventeenth century, 1601-1625 (1897)

"Edward Rotheram, Draper, was possibly...the 5th son of George Rotheram, of Someries in Luton, Beds., who d. 19 Nov. 1599...Mr. Sheriff Rotheram had...a brother John, who d. before 1619...a brother William, who d. (also) before 1619...He was A. of Bread Street, 3 Dec. 1611, till his death; S. 1612-13 & was admitted of Gray's Inn, 3 Aug. 1619.  He married Judith, sister of Theophilus Brereton, da. of Richard Brereton, of Surrey, Citizen and Merchant of London.  He d. without surv. issue...1619...His widow married before 1623, as his second wife, Sir Anthony Pell, of Dimbleby, co. Lincoln (Knighted 24 May 1608) whose. admon., date. 12 May 1640, was granted to his son Richard Pell, at which date, probably, she was dead."



-----Original Message-----
From: alynbrereton@comcast.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 5:12 PM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton Ancestry

Dear Bruce,

What is the best method to trace my Brereton ancestry starting with my grandfather William Large Brereton born in Wavertree, England in 1883?
Thanks & cheers,

Alyn Robert Brereton, Ph.D.



-----Original Message-----
From: Pat McKearney [mailto:patmck122@tiscali.co.uk]
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 4:26 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton Family

Dear Bruce

Thank you for your email and the links which are very interesting and informative .

I was born and brought up in Trim Co Meath.  I have lived in Maidstone Kent UK for over 50 years.

My great grand father James Brereton, living in Blessington Co Wicklow married my great grandmother circa 18 82 in Suncroft Cathol;c Church ,Co Kildare.  They moved to Dublin and had 6 children, two died, one at 18 months old and the other at 4 years old.  One son Frank emigrated to New York, his daughter Catherine lives there.  Another son Joseph emigrated to Australia with his 5 children sometime in the 1950's and all contact was lost with them., Murial, Dermot, Dorothy, Joan and ? were his children.  Dermot was a teacher, a distinguished saxophoneist who played in Johnny Butler's danceband in Dublin before moving to Australia.  I read on the internet that he committed suicide and that his (Dermot's)  son, also, commit suicide.  I have emailed  Ros Magee, Murial's daughter but have not had a reply. 

The third son of my great grandparents, Jack  remained in Dublin; his daughter Mona aged 94 still lives in Dublin.  My great grand parents daughter Mary Kate was my grandmother.

I would be delighted if you would kindly post my details on www.Brereton.org website.

Many thanks.
Patsy (McKearney) 

From: Pat McKearney [mailto:patmck122@tiscali.co.uk]
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2011 10:33 AM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: Brereton Family

Dear Bruce

I don't know if there is any connection.  My great grandmother was Catherine Brereton who grew up in Co Kildare and was a midwife in Dublin.  I know we are related to the Brereton's in Australia as her son Joe emigrated to Australia.

Do you know if there is an Irish connection?

I wish you a very happy, holy and blessed New Year.  God bless.

With all best wishes

Patsy McKearney  



-----Original Message-----
From: Cathleen Stewart [mailto:catstew13@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 2:01 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Pedigree--Elspeth or Elsbeth Brereton (or Breton) (B. 1489 Cheshire, England) Married Tomas (Thomas) Lord

Yes, please post my email.  I live in Rock Hill, SC, but my mother's family is originally from Virginia (some arriving early 1600's) and my father's family from the New York area.  If anyone can help verify her pedigree either through John Brereton/Katherine Berekeley or through William Brereton Esquire (Wales?), it would be much appreciated. 

They may reply directly to me at catstew13@gmail.com .

I am trying to verify the pedigree for Elspeth or Elsbeth Brereton who married Thomas (Tomas)
Lord about 1509 in Cheshire, England.

Two different pedigrees appear for her on the web: 

1.  She appears as the daughter of John Brereton and Katherine Berekeley in many genealogies on Ancestry.com (but
your records show only one daughter for John and Katherine,Werburga Brereton.)

2.  She also appears as follows from Source: Sir Samuel Rus Meyrick, Heraldic Visitations of Wales, (William Rees MDCCCXLVI), Vol 1.).


125 THE PARIS OFF S. PETROGS alias PADRIG. 1 Hari Lord ap Wiliain Lord Ar: He bereth Ar fi Salter Vert, in jyff vert a Salter Ar.=Sioned do to John Bacgot off Bliffield( s ) The krest ys a gawntlet Ar. holding a sawlter vert. Esgwier. Tomas Lord=r=Elsbeth do to Wiliam Brerton off Jessir( 3 ) Esgwier. Elsbeth do to John Robinson.=pJohn Lord alias Lortt off Knowlden in Staffordsir= do to Robart Sientyn. Hari mort Nickllis Lortt off Staffortt=pAnn Kowap Wmffre Lortt=f=Jowan Rogarmort John mort Robart LorttFpAls Heid Antany mort 

I cannot fully "translate" the text.

Perhaps there are two Brereton lines--one in England, one in Wales?

I'm pretty much at a loss at this point.  Do you have any idea who the Wiliam Brerton (Jessir (3) Esqwier--Esquire?) may be who appears in the Heraldic Visitations of Wales?

I'd appreciate any help.  Hope it won't be too time intensive.

Cathy Stewart



-----Original Message-----
From: m dugan [mailto:washdc9@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2011 10:14 AM
To: brucebre@gmail.com
Subject: Brereton, Brearton, etc

I have found you site online.  My tree is the Brearton from Thurles, Ireland.   Could it be the same?  Searching for info on William Brearton, Rev. for the Church of England who somehow goes to Thurles, Ireland and the son marries an Irish girl Mary Ryan.  Dad is not thrilled.  They have daughter Mary and she marries John Williams.  Mary Ryan Williams ends up in Canada and then dies in Clinton, Iowa.  She is my great great grandmother and I find enough down from her but nothing on the Rev of the Church of England and his family. 
Is any of this something you may have information about?  Any info greatly appreicated.  Thanks


-----Original Message-----
From: bipar08 [mailto:bipar08@centurylink.net]
Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2011 2:37 PM
To: Brucebre
Subject: Brierton Family

Hi Bruce: Thanks for putting me on the Brererton web. I have some more info to add. 1851 Canadian census my GGG Sylvestro/Sylvester Brierton is listed as born abt. 1807 in Quebec Canada. Was a Butcher. First wife Sydny Scott born abt. ?. Married Sylvester 7/22/1833 at St Andre-Est (Argenteuil) Quebec. Must have died in childbirth. My GG Thomas was only child from that marriage. Sydny's parents were James Scott and Mary McHale 2nd wife was Mary Carrall born abt. 1817.Married abt. 1840. There were 6 children from this marriage. Joseph, 1843, Susanna, 1845, Francois, 1846, Sylvester, 1847 and Mary 1850. Trying to find out what happened to them and relatives. Canadian census records also list 3 other Briertons that were born in Ireland William 1812, Mary 1816, George 1816. They are in Irish records in County Offaly. Hope this will help some.

I live in Florida Bruce, I guess the Canada caption came about looking for Grandparents and others. who lived there. Thank you so much for your help. I'm sure you are very busy with your genealogy as this family seems to be growing with all the present interest in peoples ancestry. If I discover anything else I will send it to you for the web site.

Thanks again.
Patty Brierton Rupp



-----Original Message-----
From: rosemary and tony [mailto:rosemaryandtony@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 8:23 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Geraldine Mary Brereton

Please use this email address. If you could post my note about Geraldine Mary Brereton who was born in 1888 that will be great. I will add dates to my original email to help.

I am trying to contact, (on behalf of a friend) the relatives of Geraldine Mary Brereton born 1888, she possibly married Arthur Pole Welman. The parents of Geraldine Mary Brereton were Brid-Gen. Edward FitzFerald Brereton & Fanny Gertrude Foster.

Geraldine Mary Brereton may have had a son Gerald Pole Welman born 1911.

I think he married in 1961.

Any help would be most welcome, as we have quite a lot of information to share with their relatives.

Rosemary Jewers


Hi Bruce,

I am writing to let you know that I have had a huge amount of luck and have traced the relatives of Geraldine Mary Brereton and her son Gerald Welman. I found them mentioned on ThePerage.com website. I then traced the family via newspaper reports etc. The family are living in the USA and they are delighted that I have been able to pass on all their historical links. I am happy for you to post this update.

Rosemary Jewers




-----Original Message-----
From: Connie Brereton [mailto:constancebrereton@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2011 12:19 PM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Constance Brereton

I have just had fun exploring the web for Brereton. I am one . My sons are interested in their background so that has me looking around. my father was Harmar Brereton and my Mother, Eleanor Collins Brereton we lived in Rochester, New York , where my father was connected with Eastman Kodak---- my siblings are Dr. Harmar Brereton ,Dr. Derek Pomeroy Brereton, Linda Brereton Wirts. I am Rev. Constance Brereton . I was married to Larry Milton Andrews and divorced. We had four sons. Clifford Gossett Andrews, Derek Collins Andrews, Stuart Houston Andrews, and Gordon Brereton Andrews. I remarried in 1972 .My second husband Francis Edward Volz, a graduate of Annapolis, the naval school.He and my four sons and I had a farm in Philomont, Virginia where we lived until he suddenly died of a heart attack in 1975. the house had been a harpsichord and clavichord factory until we made a fantastic home out of it,We had every kind of animal! and vegetable and a farm pond in the woods and mountains of the Blue Ridge.

I am an artist and theologian . My home has been in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico since 1976. I have lived and worked in asia for years 1982 to 1986, 1992 and 2002 to 2008 most recently in Varanasi, India where I supported a medical clinic in a rickshaw in the street for untouchables, and took photographs' wrote,and painted . For years I have traveled very slowly in the Himmalaya of Ladak . Learning other ways of being. and spending years living in and very interested in kashmir and the" line of control" between Kashmir and Pakistan.
I graduated from The Instituto de Allende in San Miguel with a Masters in studio art and from Starr King School Seminary at the Graduate Theological School at Berkeley, with a masters in Theology Caliornia. I also graduated from U.C San Franciso Medical Center as an Interfaith Chaplain in 1993 I was ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in San Miguel Allende , Guanajuato, Mexico. on May 7 1995 . The first woman to ever be ordained into the Ministry in Latin America or Mexico.

Three of my sons have homes in Mexico as well as the United States, in New York. in the Hamptons the forth lives with his family in Atlanta Georgia.




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From: bipar08 [mailto:bipar08@centurylink.net]
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 3:17 PM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: brierton family

Looking for info on  Quinn's from Lewiston, Maine and Ireland as well as Groom's.  GG Patrick Groom, born @ 1844 in Westmeath, Ireland. 1905 census in Brooklyn, N.Y. lists Patrick Groom, wife Ellen Connolly Groom, age 55. Children: James 34, John 28, William 26, (My G) Lawrence 25, Leo 23, Annie 29, Maggie Van Der Veer 29, married children: Sadie Van Der Veer age 11 , Helen  9 and Emma 3, Granddaughters of Patrick and Ellen Groom. Ellen was born in New Jersey. One marriage for Patrick and Ellen listed as 1868 in New York and another 10/10/1869 in Newark, N.J. All parents of Patrick and Ellen born in Ireland.

GG ThomasQuinn  age 41,born in Ireland, wife GG Mary Quinn  age 36, born in Ireland. Their parents born in Ireland. Had son Bernard age 7, born in Ireland, Stephen 5 months born in Maine. There also was Anna and Nellie born later. My Mother Helen Groom Brierton told me she was sure there was a brother Stephen but no mention of Bernard. My Aunt Anna Quinn married Harry Lotridge...1910 census Brooklyn Ward 22, Kings County, N.Y. son Bernard age 2, Harry W. Jr. 7 months, both born in N.Y.
Nellie Quinn my G. Married William Groom my G. 2/16/1908 in Kings County, N.Y. 3 girls Catheine, Helen, and Marie. Nellie died at 34 in 1916, the girls were put in St. Joseph-Female Orphan Asylum in Brooklyn. Catherine 9, Helen 8, Marie 6. Through marriage there are also Campbell, Van Der Veer, Toms, Shepard, Finnegan, Kilkenney, Goode. Deegan and possibly Tighue. That is what I know of at this time.
Thank you again Bruce.
                                                                                   Patty Brierton Rupp

... will try to give you what I remember for the Brierton Tree. GG Thomas Brierton born in Canada both parents from Ireland, no names. Married Ann also from Ireland. Maiden name might have been Riley. Moved to West Troy, N.Y., USA. 1880 census states 4 children all born in West Troy. James age 18, Rose 14, Sylvester 9 and Thomas 8. Brother in-law Patrick Riley age 46 lived with them. GG was 46, wife Ann 45. GG listed as Engineer. Nara film #
t9-0807, pg Character B, Entry #4394, film #1254807. Have no idea how to look at these. Sylvester was my Grandfather, Grandmother Elizabeth Evers from Edinburgh, Scotland. 6 children. Thomas died young no info. Mary was G's1st child don't know who mother was or how she died. Ann, Francis, James (my Father) Walter, Sylvester and Elizabeth's union's children. Mary was also considered one of the children as well. Happy family from all reports. I have sisters Margaret Mary (Peggy), Helene, Rosemary, brother (James) Jimmy, myself Patricia Ann (Patty) Brierton Rupp. I do have info for Aunt's and Uncles all deceased now and their families to present. Would like to be on Brierton Website. If you need anything else you can contact me at Pattyrupp3@yahoo.com or bipar08@centurylink.net . Thanks again Bruce hope to hear from you again.



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From: George & Faye Wik [mailto:wikmanor@telus.net]
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2011 8:48 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: brereton name

I talked to my mother and her parents were George and Sophie Brereton. He was born in Oakriver Manatoba and she was born in Strathclair Manatoba. His parents werer Picton and Annie. Not sure were they were born but her last name was Black.Her parents were Aurther and Isabelle Summers. He was born in Englandand were not sure of her. Her last name was Jack.Thats as far back as she can remember.Is there anyway we can tracy back futher..

Thanks George....Calgary,Alberta, Canada



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From: Lisa Brereton [mailto:brerl754@alpine.k12.ut.us]
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 11:21 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: RE: Posting my e-mail (Brereton's)

Thanks Bruce, I would love to have my e-mail posted and to hear from other members of the Brereton family and its History. this link will be such a wonderful way to be, and stay in contact with those who might be searching for Members of the Brereton Family.

My husband does have John Austin as his relatives, along with some Richard Breretons as well.

Lisa Brereton

>>> "Bruce Brereton" < brucebre@whidbey.com > 1/12/2011 12:07 PM >>>

I’d be happy to post your e-mail on our www.brereton.org website, then other Brereton’s could contact you. Let me know if this is okay.

On the website we’ve listed some genealogies. I wonder if your husband comes from this line of Brereton’s (since these are Brereton’s from Utah):

Richard b.1770 - Bunbury, Cheshire, England
Richard Walter b.1855 - Harthill, Cheshire, England
William b.1774 - Bunbury, Cheshire, England
Richard b.1802 - Harthill, Cheshire, England
Richard b.1834 - Harthill, Cheshire, England
John Austin b.1884 - Provo, Utah
Lynn Elmer b.1916 - Provo, Utah
Keith Elmer b.1942 - Provo, Utah

We don’t have any plans for another reunion at Brereton Castle yet. We’ll have to see if we can get more people interested. 


From: Lisa Brereton [mailto:brerl754@alpine.k12.ut.us]
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 8:13 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Posting my e-mail


I would also like to get my e-mail out to other Breretons and learn more about them, there ancestors and what they do. Email: Brerl&54@alpine.k12.ut.us

Lisa Brereton



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medich18@hotmail.com [mailto:medich18@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2010 8:55 AM
To: brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton Family

I am from Alabama in the US.  I know you made this post five years ago, but I hope you are still interested.  I have several William Breretons in my family tree, but they don't go back quite as far as yours and I don't have dates for some of them.  Maybe you can help me.  The Brereton family starts:

Isabel Johanna Brereton Aston  c.1450, her father William Brereton who married Alice Corbet (1389-1458), His father William Brereton (d. 1426) who married Angela Vanables, His father William Brereton who married Ellen Egerton (daughter of Phillip and Ellen Saint Peter).  That is where my tree stops, that should be somewhere around 1400.  They all lived in Brereton Cheshire England.  If you have any further information I would love to see it.

Hope you haven't given up researching the tree,

Chad Hughes



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jacamoore31 [mailto:jacamoore31@att.net]
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 6:40 AM
To: brucebre
Subject: Re: Ann Brereton (Daughter of Henry Brereton)

Hi Bruce,

Daughter of Henry Brereton, Ann Brereton, born about 1699,  who married John Noblet, born in 1699 on January 18 1737 was my great, great, great, great, great grandmother.  John and Ann married in York County PA.  They had 7 children:  William Noblit, b.1740  Francis Noblitt, b. 1743,  

John Noblet, b. 12/3/1743  This son, John was my Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather,            

Mary Noblit, b. 3/2/1746  Abraham Noblit,b. 1738 Thomas Noblit, b.1738  Sarah Noblit,b.1741.  I just wanted to share the small bit of information that I have on Ann Brereton.  Cheryl Noblitt Moore jacamoore31@att.net



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From: Rupert Dennison [mailto:trindukie@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 10:10 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: RE: Brereton Family in Trinidad

Hello Everyone,

I read your interesting info on the web, re the Breretons.I know so little of my Mum, Dorothy. the last time I saw her was a thousand years ago, at least, it seems like that.  She married my Dad, Rupert Dennison, in London, in 1938. She was 19 years old at the time. Dad was the Director of Music of the T & T Police Band. They divorced around 1943 ? 1945?.  From time to time I saw her, until I was sent off in 1952, to England, to my Dad's old school.

Very vaguely, I remember seeing her sisters ? when I was a little boy. Fair hair ladies? Apart from that, I know nothing about my maternal grandparents. I have always been angry with the way my Mum was treated by her parents and her sisters after the divorce. But, I'd like to know about her parents, background,etc., basically for my own daughter and my grandson. By the way, I was born in POS, Trinidad, in 1940.

Any help much appreciated, if you know of this link in the Brereton tree.

                    Best wishes,

                                  Rupert Dennison



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From: D THURLOW [mailto:dsmt007@btinternet.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2010 5:41 AM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: A question from Scotland

Hello and thank you very much for such a prompt reply, I have passed on the info to Carol who would appreciate the mail going onto your web site.One  piece of info I have which will assist, is that of her ancestor bearing the name of Robert Brereton, Somerville - Hendry, born 1904 in England, the son of Robert and Marie (@ Elizabeth Louise Powell) Somerville- Hendry. Should anyone wish to respond they may contact either myself on this address, or Carol directly on somerville2000rhyme@yahoo.co.uk 

Thank you so much for your assistance.


-----Original Message-----

From: D THURLOW [mailto:dsmt007@btinternet.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2010 6:35 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: A question from Scotland

Dear Bruce,

Forgive the "intrusion" as I have no doubt that you have many enquiries from throughout the world regarding the name Brereton, and are busy responding to family. I am not one of them I have to tell you, but have undertaken on my close friend Carol's behalf, attempt to research as much as I am able,the Brereton name since it appears within her family's genealogy, as a middle name. Little used, and not in her lifetime. It is as if it has disappeared altogether, however her research is, to be honest, in the relative early stages, so we do not know for sure when and where it originated.So far it appears in males only.

Carol has origins in Scotland (where I live) and her maiden name supports this.

At this time, I have one question to ask you if I may;  Did the title Lord of Brereton derive though marriage to a female of that name? I ask because David, Lord of Brereton(and Earl of Huntingdon b;1144 g/son of David1 King of Scots) does appear with this title. I understand where the Earldom of Huntingdon comes from, but not the B. title. In addition,and I may be wrong here having not read closely enough, but I have found very little mention of the fact that the Brereton family is connected to the Scottish royal family.

That is of course,unless this is  another Brereton family altogether.

As I say, do excuse me "using" you as a research facility, I have not intended to do so, and quite understand if you do not wish to respond, since I am not the primary subject of your family history. I do quite have a bit of experience in the family research area however, having spent many years tracing my own family history so much time etc, it does become something of an obsession in the end!

And I am happy to help Carol.

Thank you so much for any information you maybe able to kindly give. I would be happy to settle any costs which may occur.

Daphne Thurlow (Edinburgh)


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From: JEAN BREWERTON [mailto:j.brewerton@btinternet.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 1:39 PM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton/Brewerton

Thanks for your prompt reply Bruce, much appreciated. I know that it is a long shot, it's the only way I feel I can progress with this particular family, which is actually my husband's.  I am looking for the Brereton connection for Richard Brewerton who was baptised at Godington 1652 in Oxfordshire, England, (not 4 as in my original email!). I'm looking for the connection with teh Brereton family which I am convinced exists but is eluding me.

I am resident in Handforrth, Cheshire,  living about a mile away from Handforth Hall.


From: JEAN BREWERTON [mailto:j.brewerton@btinternet.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 11:02 PM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Brereton/Brewerton

Trawling last night in frustration with the family tree I came across your site and thought I'd run a couple of links/possibilities past you. First of all noting the 'Breweington' name my opinion/suggestion is that this is a derivation of Brereton. I base this upon the following:

As you already know the Cheshire link is the Brereton family and in my experience from the early records, the changes in the spelling depend upon how it has been recorded in the parish records. Given that there was no specific spelling code for centuries and the local clerics recorded phonetically. 

Two such examples of this are in  the1620 and  1632 baptismal record at St. Bartholomew's at Wilmslow for:

"Martha Brearton daughter of Mr John Brearton of Handforth" and "William Brewerton sonne of Mr John Brewerton of Handforde".

Both of these children are for John Brereton's children, as you know from Handforth Hall.

The reason for my noticing these are that I am looking for the migration link between the Brereton family here in Cheshire and an ancestor 1654 Richard Brewerton  in Godington in Oxfordshire and I wondered whether any of your research showed this migration. Knowing also the Court connection it is quite feasible that the journey to London could have resulted in a family member settling in Oxfordshire at some time.

Yours hopefully
Stephanie Brewerton



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From: Vivian Bolick (from Facebook)
Sent: October 11, 2010
Subject: Brereton

Hello, This may be a long shot, but I have been trying to find out about a Brereton that was in my Crossland family line. I don't know if you are researching this line or not. His name was James Brereton, born 1847 Stafford, England, died 1898 Shamokin, Pa. He married Harriet Crossland, born 1846 Barnsley, England, died 1920 Shamokin, Pa. Have not been able to find out anything else about this Brereton. I noticed that you have a Brereton Family website on your Facebook page that I have been on before. Thought maybe you might be able to help me. Thanks sooo much
Vivian (Crossland) Bolick




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From: Dave Campbell [mailto:slob@talktalk.co.uk]
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 4:18 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Brereton


I swapped information with you last year regarding my, remote, Brereton connection to the Fairmaners of Sussex.

I have just come across the name again in Cheshire and wondered if you could clarify something. My line up there is Rigby and they appear  first in Marton with occasional events in Gawsworth.

Searching the Gawsworth registers I noticed this marriage:
- 10 Feb 1635 Richard Rigley and Anne Brereton d Randle Brereton

Rigley is near enough to be a miswritten Rigbey so I'd like to confirm whether you know of this marriage.

I haven't been able to find any other reference to this daughter of Randall.


Dave Campbell



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From: Kaye Smith [mailto:klbwd@bigpond.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 10:43 PM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton Surname

Again, Thank you Bruce

Yes, this would be him.  I forgot to mention that I knew he had a brother Martin but did not know about the sister Ellen.

Martin arrived aged 24 with a wife Jane Healy aged 19 aboard the ship 'Kent' which arrived in Melbourne 1854.  The surname appeared as "Brenton" and in July 1861 (named as Brerton) they moved to Tasmania in the "City of Hobart" with their five children.

So I would really like to know if I can trace Martin and Denis' parentage.

If you think it would be of help then, yes please post to the website.

I have tried to check out the sister Ellen on the Tasmanian Archives web page but cannot find anything.



----- Original Message -----

Subject: RE: Brereton Surname

I don’t have a lot of information. I did find this record:


Denis Brereton




about 1832 Ireland




about 1903 Tasmania, Australia

It showed that he had two siblings:
  - Martin Brereton  (1828-1906)  
  - Ellen Brereton  (1830-1905)

I don’t know for sure if this is him.  If you’d like I could post your e-mail on the www.brereton.org website, then other Brereton’s could get back to you if they have additional information.  Let me know where you are from and if this is okay.


From: Kaye Smith [mailto:klbwd@bigpond.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 10:00 PM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re: Brereton Surname

Thank you Bruce.

I am researching my son-in-law's tree for him and his family and would like to know more about his gg g/father and mother.

Do you have any details on a Denis Martin Brereton born abt 1832 in Co Tipperary and his wife also from Co Tipperary called Mary Leahy.

Denis supposedly arrived in Tasmania aboard the ship Coldstream in 1858 as an assisted immigrant.  I know of his family since that date.

Regarding his wife Mary (whom he married in Tasmania).  All I have that might relate to her is that a James Leahy and his wife Honora Ryan arrived in Tasmania under the"Bounty System" on the Sir WF Williams with their family of Margaret, Catherine and Honora and the sponsor was a MARY LEAHY.  I am hoping there is a connection between these people.

Thank you for your time

Kaye Smith (Hobart)




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From: Tommye Jackson [mailto:damiano1@comcast.net]
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 7:53 AM
Subject: Family lineage

Dear Bruce:

Just came upon your amazing website regarding the Breretons.  My Grandmother is of the Brearton end of the family that settled in Kentucky.  I am trying to trace the rest of the family branches for my mother, currently 89 years old, who would like to see her lineage before she passes.

Interestingly, circa 1955, my immediate family lived in Yorkshire, at Allerton Park (Priest’s House) and I attended school in Harrogate.  Unfortunately, I was not of an age then to seek this information on my own but Mother has stories of seeing a sarcophagus with the Brearton name in a cemetery there in Yorkshire.  It was of a Knight in full armor and had the name “Brearton” inscribed thereon.  We moved back to the States and I have only just now taken up this challenge.

After doing some research on my own, and through Ancestry.com, I am finding bits and pieces but not enough to tie everyone on Mothers’ side of the family down so that I can provide it for her.  I have ancestors from present and a few generations upward but am struggling with family members of Harriette Cleophus Brearton (grandmother, b. 1893-Covington, KY) and upwards.

Am I barking up the wrong tree, or is this spelling going to ultimately lead me to the Brereton about whom there is so much information?  Do you know when/if the spelling of the name was changed?

Thank you, or anyone else, who shares this amazing challenge.  Looking at the locations from which so many e-mails are directed to your website sure underlines what a small world we live in.

I wish you (all) good fortune and would love to hear from anyone.


Tommye Jackson
Denver, Colorado



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From: Michelle Babb [mailto:mmbabb@verizon.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 6:27 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Stuck on a Brierton


I came across your site, which is amazing, after finding the many spelling variations of the Brierton name!  I have been searching without luck for the connection for my gr., gr., gr., grandfather, Samuel Brierton and am hoping you may be able to help or point me in a direction I haven’t been.  I have history/names/info back to him, here’s what I know about him:

Samuel Brierton, born about 1801 in Pennsylvania (as listed on census records), mother was from Scotland and his father was from Wales.  He married Mary Mann and at some point prior to 1842 moved to Illinois where I have picked up the line.

He did enlist in the Morman War but I am unable to obtain any records.

Any help you can provide would be wonderful!  Thank you for your time,

Michelle Brierton – Babb J  




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From: MaryEllen Carson [mailto:mecarson200@hotmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2010 10:39 PM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: JOHN T. BRERETON, Physician/Surgeon, b. 1849, Dublin, IRE to State of Kansas, United States, to ENGLAND

Hello, Bruce--

I love your website!!

I'm desperately seeking any information about JOHN T. BRERETON, Physician & Surgeon, b. 1849 in Dublin, Ireland.   In the 1875 state census of Kansas in the U.S., he is listed with his family in McPherson, Kansas along with his wife, MAGGIE BRERETON, b. 1851 in New York, U.S.; daughter MARY, b. 1870 in Michigan, U.S.; and son JOHN, B. 1873 in Michigan, U.S. 

This family then appears in the 1891 & 1901 England Census in Armley, near Leeds, St. Bartholemew, England, with 2 other children: GEORGE C., b. 1881 in Dronfield, Derbyshire, and APALENIA CLADERAY, another daughter, b. in 1884 in Leeds.

I have every reason to believe, after 11 years of research, that Dr. Brereton's wife, MAGGIE BRERETON, is the sister of my GGrandmother.  Family verbal information handed down is of my GGrandmother, RACHEL HUFF CARSON, had a sister named Maggie & both were born in New York.  The only American female born in NY named Maggie turns out to be MAGGIE BRERETON.  Apparently, her family of origin came from the State of Michigan, but I'm unable to trace this HUFF family before 1875.

If there is any available information or leads concerning this family, I would be eternally grateful as I've been searching for almost a dozen years!

Many, many thanks & blessings,

MaryEllen Carson



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From: Kaylene George [mailto:kaylenegeorge@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 4:32 PM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Brereton's

Hi, my name is Kaylene Brereton George.  I am from the beautiful Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.  I am writing you this email because I want to find out my roots, where my ancestors came from.  My Grandad's name is Elton Brereton.  His mother came from Barbados. 



-----Original Message-----
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 18:42:43 -0500
From: brer0004@metnet.edu
Subject: Brereton's
To: brucebre@whidbey.com

Hello, I am writing to you as a proud Brereton! My family and I reside in Minnesota around the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. I have a question about the picture of the Brereton arms. It looks like it is a stain glass window and I have been searching for a more clear picture of this detailed piece of art.

If you know of anywhere that I could find this image I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and I love reading about my heritage on the Brereton web site, thank you!

-Raena Brereton-




-----Original Message-----
From: Macintosh, Louise (NIH/OD) [E]
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:28 AM
To: 'sherrilluwilliams@prodigy.net'


Hello, I just found a web page with your contact information regarding linking the Breretons of Va back to England. I am interested in William Brereton of Va who relocated into Maryland in 1675. He transported Adrian Gardey into Maryland at this time as an indentured servant. I am trying to trace info on Adrian, whom I think my surname "Gordy/Gorday" may derive. I know that that Adrian Gardee was indentured to Brereton in 1675 in Westmoreland Co, Va and that a Pet. Gardee was indentured at the same time to a someone by the last name of Smith (as I recall, Smith also relocated to Md). Would you have run across any info on Gardee/Garde/Gardey in your Brereton research? I realize you are not related to the Brereton line, but I thought that I would give it a shot:-)

Louise Gorday MacIntosh



-----Original Message-----
From: ROY JAMES TONKIN [mailto:roytonkin@bigpond.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 1:40 PM
To: Bruce Brereton
Subject: Re; Brereton Family Cheshire, England

Hi Bruce.

Thank you for your reply to my email about my Brereton research. Here are the few details I have on my grandmother's Brereton family. Your welcome to include it on your site. It may find a family connection in the UK or Australia.

I'm trying to locate the marriage details of Thomas BRERETON and Martha HUGHES in Cheshire, England. I have located four of their children but there may be more.

1. George BRERETON bapt.1828 Cheshire. Married Sarah James LEA in Cheshire in 1857. They came out to Australia.

2. Mary BRERETON bapt.1830 Cheshire. Married Samuel HUGHES in Cheshire in 1852. They came out to Australia.

3. Thomas BRERETON bapt.1834 Cheshire. Married Ann BRERETON in Cheshire in 1857. They came out to Australia.

4. Edward BRERETON bapt.1836 Cheshire. Married Frances HOPLEY in Cheshire in 1862. I have not come across Edward in the Australian records to date.

If anyone can assist me with further information on the family it would be appreciated.

Regards to all,
Roy Tonkin. Australia.

-----Original Message-----
From: ROY JAMES TONKIN [mailto:roytonkin@bigpond.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 2:30 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Brereton Family

Hi Bruce.

Wondering if you have any info on a Thomas Brereton and Martha Hughes who were married in Cheshire, England in the 1820s. My grandmather was a Brereton and I'm doing some research on her family lines in England.

If you have any info it would be great.

Many thanks,
Roy Tonkin. Australia.


-----Original Message-----
From: T H GERETY [mailto:ruthomas@q.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 4:01 PM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: Concerning the Breretons

ome five years ago I obtained the Edge Family History of Notes that had been researched by Sir John Edge and given to the Stafford Archives.  The research was never edited, is in the smallest hand writing one can imagine with parts faded, many blanks I have been unable to fill in and so forth.  I have been checking on his references and every one is well documented.
I have Parnell Brereton daughter of Andrew Brereton married to my Christopher del Egge (Edge) of Horton Hall, Staffordshire. Sir John was not one to supple dates of births and marriages so I am on that probably status.
Sir Andrew born about 1438  married to (unable to find first wife) second wife Agnes Leigh whom I presume to be the daughter of Parnell.  My Christopher married Parnell about 1515 In the Parish of Horton.  Three children were William , Christopher and Richard.
Christopher was the son of William who married Dowse Savage the daughter of Sir John Savage. The marriage settlement was 1470.
If you can shed any further information on above dates it would be much appreciated.
Ruth in Oregon     ruthomas@q.com




-----Original Message-----
From: kenneth brereton [mailto:kenbpape@fsmail.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2010 3:14 AM
To: brucebre@whidbey.com
Subject: samuel brereton

My gt gt grandfather Samuel Brereton was born at Bridgemere, Cheshire, England in 1814. His birth was registered at Nantwich, Cheshire on the 27 May 1814 when his abode was given as Wybunbury, Cheshire. His parents names were shown as James and Ann. Samuel married Sarah Carnel (Carnall) at Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire, England on the 20 March 1837.

I am having great difficulty tracing my ancestry further back as I am not able to confirm the birth date of the above James (the maiden name of his wife Ann was Smith) nor can I trace the names of the parents of James. With the wide knowledge you have of Breretons are you able to help please. If not, can you post this message on your website.

Many thanks. Ken Brereton


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Bruce - thank you - yes please put my email on the site. I am British - my Brereton's came from Chester and North Wales (Llanfair Is Gair and Llanwnda) but I currently live in Colorado.


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Hello there!
I am trying to get further back in my family tree. I have discovered that one of my ancestors was Andrew Brereton who died 05/24/1649 He was married to Martha Bannister who was born 11/14/1578 in St  John parish, Chester. I think they were fairly wealthy.
I guess what I am trying to do is tie them to any older Breretons in that area. I can't do that at the moment with the information that I have and I wondered whether you might have any information that would fill the gaps.
with many thanks for your time
Helen Clark


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On the English 1881 census return for Buxton St. Bosden, Cheshire,my Gt. Grandfathers name and family was incorrectly spelt as Bretcon.

1851 census return incorrect spelling Brerton, 2x Gt. Grandfather and family
1891 census return incorrect spelling Breeton Gt. Grandmother and family(John Samuel Brereton died 1882)
1901 census return incorrect spelling Brerton  Gt Grandmother
Wedding Certificate of John Samuel Brereton 1875 spelt as Brearton

All the above are my family.

Kind regards

Thomas J. Brereton


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Hi Bruce, I know my relative (my cousin's son) Aiden Goodall has been in touch with you re Brueton ancestry. I thought I would drop you a line as I seem to be the "keeper of the books" having been digging around for 30 years or so. I have traced documented history of our line back to 1700 plus a lot of earlier stuff I cannot directly link to (yet). I have basically been thro' much of the English Midlands records and am happy to share / help link people into the family tree. Regards, Chris Brueton.


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Hi Bruce,

i am trying to trace the history of a painting that belongs to my parnter who is a relative of the Brereton family.

the picture shows a grand lady with a baby girl and a young boy, the lady we believe from an older family member is called Elizabeth Brereton and that she married into the Losh family from the Newcastle area, the girl was called Hannah but died young and the boy became Captain John Losh. we are trying to date the painting and confirm the subjects names, not sure if you will be able to help but cant think of where else to try, any information you could provide would be helpfull,



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Hi Bruce, Yes that would be great how current are you interested in?

My mother in law just past away in her 95th year, she was the last of her siblings. I started to compile information so I could give the family a DVD of their immediate descendants. My generation ranges from 1934 to 1956 with the eldest being a great grandparent.

From: Bonita C [mailto:b028@sympatico.ca]
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To: pilobilus@tiscali.co.uk






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From: Cliff Brereton [mailto:breretc@mac.com]
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Subject: Thomas Henry Brereton b.1845

Dear Bruce,

Hope you don't mind me writing to you directly.

I came across your email below whilst researching my family tree.

I descend from Thomas Henry Brereton born 1845 also of St Pancras. To date I have been unable to find any details of his parents and was intrigued to find the William Thomas Brereton referred to in your email below. I am suspecting he is the elder brother of Thomas Henry. I have for a while felt that Thomas Henry's father might be called William Henry with a birth date of around 1815 - 20. To me it would not seem unusual in the day for the first born son to be named after the father.

I wondered whether you had information on the father of the William Henry you refer to or any brothers that he may have had.

So far my line is:

Thomas Henry (St Pancras 1845)

George Henry (Camden Town 1871)

George Thomas (Brentford 1898)

Eric George (Brentford 1936)

Clifford John - me (Chiswick 1961)

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can give and congratulations on the excellent resource you have produced in to our family name.
From: Bruce Brereton
To: maria mercer
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 12:34 PM
Subject: Re: John Brereton - Australia

I did a search and only came up with a match for a William Thomas Brereton.
If you would like, I could put your e-mail out on our www.brereton.org website. Then, other Breretons could contact you, if they see a match.
Here's what I found, but it doesn't look like the dates match well. He is not old enough:
Event(s): Birth: 27 JUL 1837
Christening: 03 SEP 1837 Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England





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