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Here are some interesting events in Brereton history:

Another great website with Brereton information.

"O, God, Thy sea is so great and my boat is so small"

an Old Breton prayer inscribed on plaques given to new submarine captains by Admiral Hyman Rickover, who gave this one to the President. President Kennedy favored this quote and used it in his remarks at the dedication of the East Coast Memorial to the Missing at Sea, May 23, 1963. He kept the plaque on his Oval Office desk.

- The legend of the Muzzle Bear

- The Queen Ann Boleyn Story

- A picture of a Brereton Arms

- Brereton Coat of Arms

- Sections of the Brereton Book

- A lecture on Sir William Brereton and the pork barrel by Professor Eric W. Ives

- Did you know there is an organization that researches and recreates the Middle Ages in the present? Read more about Cathrene Rowell and Eleanor de Brereton.

Mrs. Elva Jean Masters (nee Brereton) passed away peacefully on November 27, 2006

Items from Rob Brereton:
    - Brereton Hall, in Country Life magazine (April, 1939)
    - Paintings of Julia and Janetta Brereton (early 1770's)

- A lecture on Sir William Brereton of Handforth by Harold Forster

- Origin of the Brereton Name

- Star Chamber proceedings of 1517 of Egerton versus Brereton

- More on the Star Chamber proceedings

- An Account of the Portrait of Sir William Brereton I (1550-1631)

- Here is the portrait from Steven Brereton

- Here is a research question from David Judd

- Some recent pictures at Brereton (2001)

- Pictures from Ellis island.

- The story of John Brierton, who is believed to be a great grandson of Sir Randle Brereton

- Cheshire Parishes: Brereton

- Brereton Church at St. Oswald's

- Lewis Hyde Brereton and another link to Lewis Hyde Brereton

- Brereton Hall School

- Mrs Elva Jean Masters (nee Brereton) passed away peacefully on November 27, 2006

- A note from Helen Williams (from Australia): Although the Breretons 'started' in Brereton, as the family grew and the men married heiresses, they acquired other lands, including Malpas and Shocklach (both in Cheshire), Blymhill and Ipstones (both in Staffordshire), and large tracts of land in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Ireland. They also held land in Cheshire and Staffordshire (these were the ones who didn't marry heiresses).



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