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Here are some general inquires about Brereton's and other Brereton information. Feel free to respond directly to the person making the inquiry. Send a note back to me, if you have something you'd like to have posted in the way of following concerning the item:

  - Faye Brereton has completed two new histories: 1) Cloudesley Brereton of Norfolk, England and Ontario, Canada 2) William Henry Brereton of Dublin and Hong Kong. Earlier this year a history of a Malpas Brereton line was added – the Breretons of Burrosham, Wales. There are now 11 separate histories on the site:
  - Rosemary Jewers nee Brereton has setup a website: to publish articles, research, excerpts, and news that could be interesting and useful to members of Brereton families.
  - Here's an item from Foster Brereton: The British Library recently released a large collection of documents online. One of them is a poetry book by one Jane Brereton (1685-1740), wife of Thomas, son of William. The book includes several pages of her life's history, as well as correspondence and poetry.
  - Richard Brereton Lee is looking for more information about Robert Brereton, born: 1620, Cheshire, England. For more information, click here.
  - Breretons in Victoria, Australia from the 1850's. See Kurt Brereton's email.
  - Breretons from Tazwell County, Illinois, USA. See David Stokoe's email.
  - An inquiry from Daniel Comyn concerning his great grandmother (Kate Brereton). Click here for more details.
   - Reverand Joseph Lloyd Brereton and Railways by Doug Watts and Michael Sandford
An interesting e-mail about Thomas Brereton, Virginia Gentelman
   - Michael Sandford just updated his webpage giving an overview of the results of DNA testing of 5 Brereton male lines. He shows a diagram of the connections back to 1100. See: DNA Research on the Brereton Surname.
   - An Ahnentafel Chart for James Billington
  - Discover your ancestral origins and trace your lineage with a personalized analysis of your DNA.
   - Brereton Hall was up for sale:Check it out on Zoopla
Here's a note from Rebecca Mayfield about another line from Canada
   - A note from Jennifer Franks: < < I recently traced my family tree on my mother's side and according to records, William Bereton is my 8 times great grandfather (line that migrated to Virginia colony in the US). I would like to know why he left his estate in England for the US...and more information on this line in general. >>> If any one has some information, please contact her at:
   - Read about Ashton Brereton's research of the Brereton surname in Trinidad

   - We regret to announce that Dudley William Brereton passed away after a short illness on 5 th June 2013 at Calvary Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia, aged 83 years. We remember Dudley for his enthusiasm for the South Australian Brereton Community.
   - Carl Brereton has setup a Facebook group for Breretons! Please join at:
   - A picture of William Henry Brereton QC (from Rebecca Mayfield).

   - Some interesting Brereton-Barrington research information.
   - A saint connected to the Brereton family (from Rosemary Jewers).
   - A possible connection to the Sir William Tapestry: note from Nola and Russell Kenner
   - An email from Josephine Morris-Turner about Brereton genealogy. Send her an e-mail if you have any more Brereton information.
   - Roy Thomson is wondering if anyone has a copy of the Anthony Brereton’s “Anciente Whispers” book. Please contact him, if you do.
We are looking for a portrait of Rev. Joseph Lloyd Brereton
   - BRERETON FAMILY REUNION, 6th May 2012, Adelaide, South Australia (Click here to see the flyer)
   - Here's a link to a William Brereton painting (from Rosemary Jewers).
   - Can anyone help Ken Brereton (from Liverpool) with his research on Samuel Brereton (born in the early 1800's).
   - Captain Brereton identified (from Michael Sandford)
Jude Mulvey is seeking information about James and Margaret Brereton (from about the 1790's). Here are more details.
   - Bill Stacharczyk is wondering what tartan the Dublin Breretons wore. If you have any ideas, send him an email.
Kenneth is tracing his paternnal grandfather Samuel Brereton. He was born in Egremont Cumbria England in 1881 and married Edith Ella (Ellen) Browell in Liverpool in 1905. Click here for more details.
   - For details about the Brereton School Reunion, click here (June 2011)
   - The Brereton's of Cheshire 1100-1904, by Robert Maitland Brereton M.I.C.E. of Woodstock, Oregon.
   - More information about the Brewington line
   - Information about the Brewington name
   - Here's an email from Anthony O'Reilly (from Ireland) that had Brereton's living at his house in the early 1900's.
Brereton records from Suffolk and other locations.
   - Information about a Brereton photo.
   - Brereton's from Chichester (pedigree chart from Dave Campbell).
   - More information about Brereton's from Chichester.
   - Peter Clancy is trying to find information about Sara Ann Clancy (she married a Brereton)
   - Anthony Brereton from Trinidad.
   - A note from Bob Brereton about his visit to the hall.
   - Do you know any of these Brereton's or do you have any information for them?
   - The Brereton Blog.
   - Click here for pictures from the Brereton Reunion at Brinton Hall.
   - Here's some interesting information from Murray Brereton (New Zealand). Click here to read about "one of the old Cheshire Families".
   - Here's some interesting information from Martin Curley (Ireland) about Mary Brereton from the 1911 census (age 26, a hospital nurse from Isle of Man)

    - Do you know anything about the Connection to the Canadian Branch?
    - Do you know of any "Bruington's"?
    - Frank Brierton, from New Zealand, provided some more information about Brereton books
    - Joan asks some questions about a Thomas Arthur Brereton and Henry Brereton from Onatario
    - Questions about John Brereton and his daughter Anna Dorothea Brereton from Anne Muscat
    - A question from Lenka Balasova about Arthur Brereton Thompson
    - Some great Brereton information from Aidian Goodall (plus a picture of Jane Brereton)
    - Information from the Ardcroney graveyard
   - An e-mail from someone from the Brereton Hall School (watch out for the ghost)
    - Breretons from Tipperary (an e-mail from Frances Grey)
   - Breretons in Australia and Ireland (an e-mail from Helen Favelle)
   - An item from Murray Brereton, with a crest
   - Some interesting items sent in by Steven Brereton
   - Some interesting items sent in by Gilbert Brewington
   - Items about the Brereton/Brierton line from Frank Brierton

   - Here's a link from Craig Thornber that includes pictures and some genealogy
   - Some interesting Brereton history sent in by Bob Brereton

   - Breretons in Virginia (from Sherrill Williams, a Genealogist from Tennessee, USA)
   - Information about Dermott Brereton, a legendary Australian Rules footballer.
   - Here is some information about the Brereton-Holt Connection from Frank Brierton of New Zealand.



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