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This web site is designed to be a resource to help you find interesting facts about Brereton history and genealogy.  For example:
    - information about the Brereton surname and the Motto
    - different ways to spell Brereton
    - the Brereton History, the Brereton Coat of Arms, other Brereton sites

We received this note from Keith Lawrence []
Subject: Request from the Sealed Knot

My name is Dr Keith Lawrence, Chair of the English Civil War Centre at Nantwich Museum in Cheshire, England. The Sealed Knot has chosen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation with a tree planting in Nantwich. This is then a twin celebration as the 'Holly Holy Day' muster is the oldest in their calendar. As Sir William Brereton of Handforth was one of the Parliamentary Commanders at the Battle of Nantwich the Sealed Knot would appreciate a contact name to discuss the possibility of one of his descendants attending the ceremony. While appreciating the direct male line had died out in 1673/74 with the death of his son, Sir Thomas, we were hoping the may be some direct descendants through the female line. The event would be in April 2018 and I would appreciate if you could provide a name for the local organiser from the Sealed Knot to contact.

Kind Regards
Dr Keith Lawrence

Please contact Keith if there is a direct descendant that could attend the event in April, 2018. Maybe even just a "Brereton" would be sufficent.

Connecting the Brereton line to France.

A Brereton with the Maher family in Birr/Parsonstown, Ireland. Click here to see more details.
A new article with information about William Brereton (1631-1681), Brereton Hall, etc. Sent to us from Leigh Penman.
Kathy McClellan sent an email concerning an oil painting done by A. Brereton. It's a picture of one boat and 2 teepees on a river at night. She is trying to find out more information. Click here to see the painting.








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Books about Brereton's sent in from Rosemary Jewers:
  - The Brereton's of Cheshire 1100-1904
  - The Story of Brereton Hall Cheshire
  - The history of the county Palatine and city of Chester
A book from Elva Masters.
E-mails from other Breretons around the world. If you have any information about Brereton's, please send us an e-mail, so we can include it on the web site. Also, here's a link to My Trip to Brereton, England 







From Bruce Brereton (website editor): We lived in New Zealand recently and we decided to visit Picton for the holidays. We got off the ferry and saw this sign:
Then we found this "Brereton Jeweller" and it was Murray Brereton. Murry has send us several emails about Brereton's (that are on this website) and has completed the DNA test. Click here for more information about Murray and his "Brereton Blue Pearls".

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