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For those Brereton's that attended the 2001 world-wide Brereton reunion, we collected a number of genealogies. With their permission, we are putting this information on the website so others might possibly use this in their research. If other Brereton's would like to list their information here, please contact us.

From Country Furthest back Brereton
Brian Brereton Australia Thomas Brereton (updated Jan. 2003)
Bruce Brereton U.S.A. Arthur Brereton
Derek Brereton U.S.A. Sir William Brereton
Gage Brereton U.S.A. John Brereton
Keith Brereton U.S.A. William Brereton
Patricia Davis Australia John Brereton
Kathleen Hagan Australia 1st cousin to Patricia Davis
Duane Kirking U.S.A. Sir William Brereton VII
Keith McCormick U.S.A. Arthur Brereton
Audrey Petrie Canada James Westropp Brereton

Here is another listing of the descendants of Ralph de Brereton's, one of the early Brereton's.

Here are some good genealogy websites.


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