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Aidan Goodall sent a lot of very interestiong Brereton information, plus a pictures of Jane Brereton (wife of Sir Robert Holte):


Hi Bruce,

First of all thanks for managing such a great site and useful internet resource.

I am just starting with genealogy and investigating my Brueton family on my mothers side. I believe that Brueton or Bruton/Bruerton/Bruereton/Brerton is another derivation of Brereton & you may wish them to your list & invite us to the next family reunion! I have found the following online references that make the connection:
• Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII - August-December 1535, Volume 9, (Appendix B good starting point)
You also have a section on Jane Brereton, wife of Sir Robert Holte at Aston Hall in Birmingham, so thought you may like to add the attached picture of her which is usually displayed in Aston Hall (although it its currently undergoing a £10M refit so the painting is in storage).

Books & References

Thought others may want to share these I have found as it will take me many years yet, although I have included brief notes where I have browsed them:

Omens and Ghosts

• The Penguin Book of Ghosts: Haunted England by Jacqueline Simpson (Author) - relates the death omen of a black log floating in the lake (Blackmere or Bagmere [c/f draining the lake to rid omen in Haunted England: A Survey Of English Ghost Lore 1941 by Christina Hole (Author)]) either the head of the family or Heir will die. Also story of all Brereton ghosts gather at Shocklach Church and their "phantom" coaches block the lane.
• See also Britannia by Camden (1610), Sir Philip Sidney: The Major Works (Oxford World's Classics) by Philip Sidney (Author), General Index to the Remains, Historical and Literary Published by the Chetham Society - Vol I-XXX: 1-30 for Bagmere legend. Also Curiosities of Literature - Vol IV (Paperback) by Isaac Disraeli (Author)
• The Legend of Perseus: A Study of Tradition in Story Custom and Belief by Edwin Sidney Hartland (Author) - log story with various other references. see also Robert Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy + Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England Including Rivers, Lakes, Fountains and Springs (1893) by Robert Charles Hope (Author)
• need to get a wecam on it!
• See also Poetry & Prose

Poetry & prose

• The Cambridge History of Medieval English Literature (The New Cambridge History of English Literature) by David Wallace (Editor) - "Lady Bessy" a ballad-style Poem about Queen Elizabeth preserved in the Percy Folio (Stanley Family), composed by member of the Brereton houshold who "stars" in it
• The Making of the Tudor Dynasty by Ralph A. Griffiths (Author), Roger S. Thomas (Author) - Gives further detail of the Lady Bessy poem and connection of Stanley's & Breretons in Edward IV's reign
• Poems by Mrs. Hemans by Hemans 1887 - "The vassal's lament for the fallen tree" about the legend of the heir dying when a dead log appears on Brereton's lake

• Prayer Book and People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History) by Judith Maltby (Author) - Brereton printing anti-episcoplaian petition pamphlet in 1640s
History & Politics
• Pepys later diaries - Brooke House Journal 03/01/-21/02/1670 - record of proceedings before the Privy Council when Pepys defended the management of the Navy during the 2nd Dutch war. Chairman was Lord Brereton - a Cheshire Squire who had sat in Richard Cromwell's Paliament and the Convention of 1660 before inheriting an Irish Barony (infers distance from political arena). Yet he was also a gifted algebraist and a founding Fellow of the Royal Society and shared Pepys love of music. See also ref to math papers held by Brereton in "John Pell (1611-1685) and His Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendish: The Mental World of an Early Modern Mathematician" by Noel Malcolm (Author), Jacqueline Stedall (Author)
• Samuel Hartlib and Universal Reformation: Studies in Intellectual Communication by Mark Greengrass (Editor), Michael Leslie (Editor), Timothy Raylor (Editor) - loads of interesting descriptions & references To Breretons in 1600s inc William in the 1650s which lists him as a quiet Royalist (unlike his famous Roundhead relative), his interests in Mathematics (John Pell was his Tutor), Chemistry, Philosophy (Necessity & free will), Member of the Georgical (?) & Mechanical Committee, Musician (treatise on French instrument, the Angelique - picture attached) composer, experimented & dismissed the omen of the floating log on the lake, chemist, Cheese & Salt Baronatage of Royal Vale, sold Baronecy of Malpas to Sir William Drake, Royal Society Refs & Ref to George Brereton in Oxford University. I particularly like the references to his interest/excitement about Coffee, breaking wind, Cider & Ale - some things are truely genetic!
• The letter books of Sir William Brereton (The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire) (Unknown Binding) by William Brereton (Author)
• Extraordinary Newes from Colonell Iohn Barkeer Governour of Coventry, to a merchant of London. Shewing how Sir William Brereton hath raised the siege from Namptwich in Cheshire by John Barker (Unknown Binding - 1643)
• The Successes of our Cheshire Forces: as they came related by Sir William Breretons own Pen, to a Minister of note and eminency in the City ... To which is added, late good newes from Lancashire, etc by William Brereton (Unknown Binding - 1644)
• A True Relation of two great Victories obtained of the Enemy: the one by Sr William Brereton in Cheshire, the other by Sir Iohn Meldrum in Lancashire, etc by William Brereton and John Meldrum (Unknown Binding - 1644)
• The Breretons of Cheshire, 1100 to 1904 A.D. With plates, including portraits by Robert Maitland Brereton (Unknown Binding - 1904)
• The Story of Brereton Hall, Cheshire. With plates by Arthur Lowndes Moir (Unknown Binding - 1938)
• Norton Priory: The Archaeology of a Medieval Religious House by J. Patrick Greene (Author) "The Augustinian priory was originally founded at Runcorn in 1115 by the second baron of Halton - Sir Randolph Brereton of Malpas, chamberlain of Cheshire 1504-1530 was father of Sir William Brereton, groom to the Privy Chamber, executed in 1536 for criminal intercourse with the Queen. Another William Brereton, from the Brereton Parish, was implicated in money conterfeiting with the Abbot of Norton by his enemy Sir Piers Dutton
• Community, Class and Careers (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life & Thought: Third) (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Third Series) by Michael J. Bennett (Author) - The five sheriffs of Cheshire between 1408 & 1427 included Sir William Brereton and Hugh Dutton
• Locality and Polity: A Study of Warwickshire Landed Society, 1401-1499: (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought Fourth Series) by Christine Carpenter (Author)
• History of Parliament, 1509-58 (The History of Parliament) (The History of Parliament) by S.T. Bindoff (Author, Editor) - details of several Breretons in the 1500s
• The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England: Basic Readings (Basic Readings in Anglo-Saxon England) by Catherine E. Karkov (Editor)
• The English Civil War: The Essential Readings (Blackwell Essential Readings in History) by Peter Gaunt (Author) - Whole Chapter on Sir William Brereton (1604-1661) and the wars of religion. Loads of good refs
• Puritan Gentry Besieged, 1650-1700 (Library Binding) by Trevor Cliffe (Author) - Sir William Brereton's defeat in the Cheshire election was a consequence of his political isolation: his autocratic behaviour as commander-in-chief of the parliamentary forces in Cheshire had made him unpopular and he had settled in Surrey via a Grant from the Arhbishop of Canterbury's palace (then at Croydon, palace is still extant)


• The Common Lawyers of Pre-Reformation England: Thomas Kebell: A Case Study (Cambridge Studies in English Legal History) by E. W. Ives - ref to William Brereton using a lawyers clerk (to John Skewys, Wolsey's former adviser) to document his agreements with Baliffs in 1530
• Law and Politics in Jacobean England: The Tracts of Lord Chancellor Ellesmere (Cambridge Studies in English Legal History) by Louis A. Knafla (Author) - several references to various Breretons around 1600


• 100 Walks in Cheshire by David Bishop - Astbury Church - During the Civil War Sir William Brereton stabled his horses in the pews, doing considerable damage
• The Cheshire Boatman. A true account of a cripple who learned to read at the age of thirty-five by William Brereton (Unknown Binding - 1852)
• Richard Lovell Edgeworth by Richard Lovell Edgeworth (Author) - Staying at Brereton Hall with the Holte's in 1780 for his marriage & the church clock
• Historic Linlithgow: A Scottish Burgh Survey (Scottish Burgh Surveys) by E. Patricia Dennison (Author), Russel Coleman (Author) - On a trip to Linlithgow in 1636, William seems to like its Church & dainty conduit in the middle of the street


• The Bells of England by J.J. Raven (Author) 1906 - mention of Lord Brererton of Brereton (an irish peer) founding the Wittington's College of the Holy Ghost & Hospital of God's House (Chepesyde Society?) in 1424

Many Thanks

Aidan Goodall


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