Anthony Brereton from Trinidad  
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Please contact Anthony if you have any additional information for him:

From: Anthony Brereton []
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 3:39 PM
Subject: Brereton in Barbados

Bruce. I am Anthony Brereton from Trinidad.
This is the information I have been searching for.
I have two emails on the Brereton site. This is some new
information I have received. The undermentioned
Mr. Brereton is my forefather. I am now researching the year
they migrated to Trinidad. He was a white indentured immigrant.

Source: Centre for Barbados Studies in History and Genealogy

Key: Servant Last Name, Servant First Name, Servant Origination, Servant Occupation, Port of Departure, Ship Name, Ship Date, Indentured by Last Name, Indentured by First Name, Identured by Origination, Indentured by Occupation

Brereton John Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire clothworker Bristol December 4 1659 UNK Liston Thomas planter UNK



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