Legend of the Muzzle Bear  
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The parish embraces the heritage of the area from the legend of Lord Brereton and the bear. William Brereton killed his valet in a temper after he was interrupted at his meal. His punishment was to be a fight with a bear, but the King gave him three days to make a muzzle to contain the bear. After three days the bear was let loose on the lord, and luckily for him, the muzzle proved to be successful. The muzzled bear became the Crest on the Brereton Coat of Arms. In 2004, the Church established a biennial Bear Festival in the Parish. Local residents and organisations create displays on the theme of 'Bears' - often with great ingenuity! There are prizes for both bear makers and for the bear hunters. The Festival takes place in odd-numbered years during July and August. Many bear-themed events are held over the period to raise money for St Oswald's Church and local organizations



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