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Here is a note from Frank Brierton, from New Zealand:

Subject: Brereton Family History Resources
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 23:13:34 +1200

Hi Bruce

Some time ago I noted the 1919 book on the Brereton Family History by John Brereton of San Francisco listed in your list of Resources. I am pleased to say I have now just located a full transcript on the internet.

It is on Internet Archive at Here's the link.

I've printed out all 39 pages as it makes a useful addition to my family history archives. Although produced 90 years ago it still makes an interesting read. I recommend it to Brereton visitors to your site.

I also recently corresponded with Anthony Salusbury Brereton and acquired a copy of his book "Anciente Whispers". Copies are still available.

By the way, item 3 in your Resources list should say that the article by Patrick Montague-Smith pages 10-26 appears in "The Irish Ancestor" magazine Issue No. I 1971

Having researched the Brereton/Brierton family tree for over 30 years I advise that all of these resources provide very useful background but are to be read with an open mind. They do sometimes contain information which authors believed accurate at time of writing but can always be updated by later research. Isn't that what genealogical research is all about!

Keep up the good work with the Brereton site.


Frank Brierton
New Zealand


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