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Information from Patricia Young:

My daughter has been researching our family tree on and we are looking at the unusual family name of Brewington. My mother's father was named Chester Paton Brewington.   It looks like the name goes back to Brereton.  There are lots of Brewington family members talking about that on facebook.  Here is what a Robbie Brewington has to say:

Robbie Brewington I'm pretty sure most of the Brewingtons in the States are somehow related. We're a small family, with a rather unique (!) name. Originally we came from William Brereton, who received a Royal Charter for land in Maryland from King Charles II. From what I can tell, it was after the family was here that one of the sons ... , George, adopted the spelling Brewington and it stuck for all of them (altho the Brereton name is sometimes spelled as Brewington before the family arrived in Maryland).

Another Brewington claims we have ancestry back to Scotland:

Jeffrey L. Brewington Sr. Have anyone traced the line back to East Lothian, Scotland? My Brother has done some genealogy research, and found that our line goes back to the 9th Century in Scotland. And that we were once Nobility and land owners in southern Scotland.

Apparently we are a well mixed family with native American and African ancestry as well.

Cheers (I am currently living in Australia)
Patricia Young



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