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Below is an e-mail from Helen Manton:

From: Helen Manton []
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2009 9:20 AM
Subject: Brereton information

Dear Bruce,

I write to ask if you would place the following on your Brereton website.

I am a descendent of Elizabeth and Lydia BRERETON, the two sisters of John, William, Robert and Cuthbert, all children of John BRERETON of Brinton (1642-1734) and Cicily COOKE (1660-1752), heiress to Brinton Hall.

Elizabeth BRERETON (1700-1780) married Mr. Henry PAUL in 1725. He was a widower and farmer of Stody, who was born at Felbrigg in 1692. Lydia BRERETON (1703-1786), her sister, became the second wife to William GOLDSMITH (1700-1768), a ships' carpenter of Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, in 1736.

Elizabeth had a son, Thomas PAUL (1736-1791) and Lydia a daughter, Lydia GOLDSMITH (1740-1827). Thomas PAUL and Lydia GOLDSMITH, first cousins, married in 1760 and gave birth to Mr. Henry PAUL (1773-1832) who also farmed at Stody. He later married Elizabeth ALLEN (1775-1858) - in 1794. Elizabeth was the eldest daughter of a master Mariner and Ship Owner of King's Lynn, William Green ALLEN. One of the latter's boats was the Brig, "Jane", and in 1803 Mr. Abel BRERETON was a shareholder who received one eighth share of the profits in October the following year. I presume that this Mr. Abel BRERETON was the son of John BRERETON of Brinton who died in 1785 and Bridget BRETT. He was thus the grandson of William BRERETON of Brinton (1688-1777), the elder brother of the two sisters, Elizabeth and Lydia.

As Abel BRERETON (1752-1813) is the founder of the Canadian branch of the Brereton family, I am writing in the hope that the branch's history may show a link with Thomas Allen PAUL, born 1796 in Stody, and a veterinary surgeon, of whom I hold a portrait and who emigrated to America, possubly to Canada, in 1833/4.

Thomas Allen PAUL is the Great grandson of Elizabeth BRERETON, but once he left these shores the only knowledge we have of him is that he became "deceased but in America" between 1844 amd 1852.

I eagerly look forward to any comments from readers. I come from the village of Studham , near Dunstable, in Bedfordshire, England.




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