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Here's a note from David Stokoe concerning Breretons of Tazwell County, Illinois, USA. Please contact him if you have any input.

David Stokoe []
Sent: Thursday, July 9, 2015 9:43 AM
Subject: Breretons' of Tazwell County, Illinois

Hello Bruce I just came upon your webpage while researching my wife's family tree.

My wife is Connie Sue Brereton, she is the daughter of James Timothy Brereton (b. 1928), & Eilean Welsh.
James T. Brereton is the son of John Stephen Brereton, & Emma Amanda Dunlap.
John S. Brereton is the son of James T. Brereton, Mary T. Reagan (3rd Cousin to President Ronald Wilson Reagan).
James T. Brereton was the son of James F. Brereton, & Eleanor  Powers.
James F. Brereton came to Tazwell County Illinois in the 1840's from Delaware, in the company of other Breretons'
The 1850 census lists the names of Stephen (being the oldest at age 58) & Mary (Warenton) James (b. 1828), Erasmas (b. 1832), Eliza Jane (b.1834), Mary (b.1837), John W. (b. 1838)& Sarah "Sally" (b. 1841) all with the surname Brereton

I can only assume that Stephen & Mary are the parents. I have been unable to find any documetation saying yea on nay. The only documents I've found is a marrage contract for Stephen Brereton & Mary Warrington, also sighned by Nathanial Brereton (poss. Stephens father?) Could find no documentation to prove Nathanial's existance (may have been a seamen) Is there anyone who can enlighten me on this geneology.

I just noticed on the marriage contract, Stephens surname was written in as Brewenton, although it is signed Brereton, maybe a new lead to follow up on.

Thanks Dave



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