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Calling All Breretons!

Genetic testing is very helpful when it comes to genealogical research, as the latter is limited in scope. To date, I have tested as follows: Genographic Project and Geno 2.0 through the National Geographic Society, and Family Finder and Y67 through Family Tree DNA. And I am currently waiting on results for a P310 SNP test by way of Family Tree DNA as well. I am also a member of the BRERETON PROJECT on the Family Tree DNA site which has the goal of fine tuning the relationships of all Breretons who are spread throughout the world. By joining this and the Brewerton Project on Family Tree DNA, and with the extensive help of the administrators of both projects, I have personally extended my knowledge of my own Brereton line from my first to my fourth great grandfather and learned of the small village in England in which the latter was born. So please test and join the BRERETON PROJECT so we may perfect and ultimately learn the interconnectedness of us all.

Alyn Robert Brereton, Ph.D.
Modesto, CA








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