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<< Here is an e-mail from a Brereton Hall resident. The story of the ghost was quite interesting. >>

Dear Bruce,

I came across your Brereton reunion pages whilst checking to see if the Brereton Hall School for Girls website had had any work done to it. Alas nothing done on the old girls site but what a pleasant surprise your site was. I have to commend you on your excellent pictures. It sure brings back a whole host of memories of the Hall. It appears your reunion was very well attended. And that the weather seemed beautiful and sunny.

The Hall has gone through quite a few cosmetic changes but it still stirs many many many memories. My sisters and I attended the Hall during the mid to late 70’s during that time our parents were living in Ghana in West Africa. I had attended boarding school in Johannesburg in the early 70’s, but when it came to boarding school Brereton was the best. So many hiding places. My favourite alone place was in the turret room on the 2nd floor but the most fun was to be had down in the “dungeons” under the headmistress’ study (that would be the sitting room in the front at the side where St. Oswald’s Church is. We spent hours searching for the tunnel that would lead us to the church graveyard and then…freedom. Trust me we spent many hours searching for it… we were doomed to be trapped until end of term. We had such vivid imaginations. We saw the Grey Lady ghost on a couple of occasions when we were in Rossetti dorm (front side peaked roof room opposite side to the church) and we heard the crying child while were in Van Gogh (back side peaked roof room opposite to the church). I am not really one to believe in ghosts but Brereton Hall had more than its share.

I was thinking that it’s a shame that the Brereton crest, with the bears head is different from the crest that was used for the school. Ours was an embroidered crest with the schools main building on it and the words “Loyalty Binds Me” along the bottom. The reason I say it’s a shame is I wished I had kept my blazer or at least removed the crest, that is my greatest disappointment. I wish I knew some way to replace it. And there is no where here in BC to track a replacement down; actually I suppose they are nearly irreplaceable.

Oh well enough tramping through the halls of time. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your reunion website.

I hope you have another reunion and I hope that you have twice the turnout.

Thank you for letting me ramble on, maybe next time you are at the Hall you can go searching for the tunnel or if you listen very hard in the middle of the night you too can see the Grey Lady.

As one of the lines in Brereton school song says, “And though we scatter far and wide, our roots will still be here.”

Take care,
Erica A. Brannon (nee Nurse)
A proud former resident of Brereton Hall

Source: Used by permission from Erica Brannon.


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