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Here are some Brereton's that are looking for Family information. Send them an e-mail if you know anything!!!

From: Brereton, James []

I have just stumbled upon the Brereton website and I am very curious as to where I fit in. I am the son of Charles P. and Patricia (Ryan) Brereton, grandson to Charles and Alice (Moroney) Brereton. I was born in Brooklyn NY 26 June 1968. I would love to correspond with others from the family, especially those that would have knowledge on our Irish heritage.

From: Jacquie []

Hi I am the granddaughter of Richard Brereton previously of cheshire, my mother Jessie Brereton would very much like to contact you regarding my grandfathers ancestry. I do believe my brother Roger Smith contacted you some time ago. My mother would also be interested in the family reunion.

Regards Jaquie.

From: Brian []

My Grandmother was Alice Brereton who was born in Liverpool c1895, but did not know any of her family history. I moved to Middlewich Cheshire and was amazed to find that after researching the family name found that I now live only 2 miles from where we originate. For those wanting to visit Brereton in Cheshire then the Bears Head combines a small hotel (travelodge type) with a traditional 17th Century pub with a good menu. My ancestors presumably migrated to the city as a result of the agricultural revolution and the reduction of labour in the fields. My other great great grand parents incidentally originated just 5 miles the other way at Comberbach in Cheshire. There is also a Brereton in Staffordshire just across the border from Cheshire and I believe that was part of the same estate. Therefore the Brereton name may also be carried by those from the N. Staffs village.

Brian Keenan

From: Edric Hobbs []

Have recently discovered I am a decendant of Sophia Trelawny sister to Charles Trelawny and Agnes Trelawny, A lot to take in but I know there is a link to the Brereton family . Would love to share any info as mine makes quite interesting reading from Kate Hopkins.

From: michael brereton []

Hey there I'm a fellow Brereton, in Norfolk UK. I was just wondering, is there any info about any Celtic/Gaelic Ancestry that you might have? It would be much appreciated.

Mike Brereton

From: Pat McKearney []

My great grandmother was Catherine Brereton who grew up in Co Kildare and was a midwife in Dublin.  I know we are related to the Brereton's in Australia as her son Joe emigrated to Australia. Do you know if there is an Irish connection?



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