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Subject: Brereton Family site/seeking James and Margaret Brereton ca. 1790s

The following tombstone was erected at St Joseph's cemetery in Troy, NY:

James Brereton (no dates)
Margaret Brereton 1795-1865

Martin 1831-1896; Mary Hines 1832-1906

Lawrence 1835-1907; Susan Mahoney 1832-1895

Mary 1836-1905; John Moran 1838-1885

James 1839-1894; Ellen Pine 1840-1896

Thomas 1840-1895; Margaret Walsh 1841 - 1891


Erected by the sons of Margaret Brereton to the memory of their beloved mother who departed this life November 1, 1865 aged 70 years. A native of te townland of Rasbourn in the parish of Thylon, Queens County Ireland may her soul rest in peace Amen Dearest mother thou has left us and thy loss we deeply feel but tis God that has bereft us. He can borrow all our sorrows heal.

I am descended from Lawrence but cannot locate James or Margaret Brereton or their ancestors. Actaully, I can't even find Rasbourn (maybe this should be Rathurles?? ) or Thylon. Can anyoen provide any assistance?


Jude Mulvey


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