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Below is an e-mail from Doug Watts:

Dear Breretons

On behalf of a group interested in Norfolk local history we are delving into the work of the Rev Joseph Lloyd Brereton in the promotion of railways. We are also exploring his background for which the Brereton web site has been invaluable.

We are trying to trace a Brereton related portrait. There is a reference in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography to a picture of Joseph Lloyd Brereton with his grandfather Joseph Wilson a silk merchant. At one time the portrait was at Stowlangtoft Hall near Bury St Edmunds Suffolk This was the Wilson country seat. He is also referred to as being ‘of Highbury, London’. This would complement the Richmond portrait and two family photographs we have seen of the complete family in the 1870s and the 1890s.

We think this image was searched for some years ago (around 2003) without success.  We now hope with the power of the web and Brereton network the picture might be discovered.  We do not need to know its location. What we would hope to obtain is an image and permission to use. As is convention this permission might read ‘Private Collection’

Some more details which might help the search.

The portrait was painted of JLB between his birth (1822) and the death of the artist David Wilkie (1841). We think this can be narrowed down to between 1828 (when Wilkie return to the UK after a time abroad) and 1838 (the departure of JLB from London to Rugby school). JLB was schooled in his early years at home in Little Masssingam Norfolk but we have records that he subsequently attended a day school in London, probably living with his grandfather. If they were living at the same address it would have made easier for the portrait painter. We do not know when JLB began at a day school in London but in 1828 he would have been only six therefore we think the portrait is more likely to have been painted in the 1830s (possible when he was between 8 and 15)

Any help from the Brereton family would be much appreciated.

Of course, the portrait may be with the Wilson family. I note Michael Sandford has some Wilson contacts (March 2011). Are there any current contacts

Best wishes

Doug Watts


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