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My name is Ken Brereton b1937 in Liverpool England. I am researching my 2 x great grandfather Samuel Brereton who married Sarah Carnall at Stoke on Trent o 20/03/1837. The census'  1841 to 1891 show he was born in the year 1821, 1817, 1819, 1817, 1817 and 1815 respectively. Because of these differences in age I have not been able to establish, with any certainty, the first name of Samuel's father and the first name and maiden name of  Samuel's mother. Can anybody help with the names of the parents of my Samuel please.

I also have an interest in Arnold Brereton Morgan b1881 at Ormskirk England and Wilfred Brereton Morgan b1883 at Aughton England. I believe the father of those children was Harry Morgan but I cannot trace the first name or the maiden name of their mother. Again, can anybody help please.

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