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An email from Leigh Penman:

From: Leigh Penman []
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2017 2:22 AM
Subject: New article with info on William Brereton ( 1631-1681), Brereton Hall, etc.

Recently I had published an article in the journal Book History  19 (2016) which contains some research on William Brereton (1631-1681) and Brereton Hall. I think it would be of interest to you and your readers. Click here to see the article.

While the article itself concerns the papers of an Anglo-Prussian intelligencer named Samuel Hartlib (ca. 1600-1662), part of the story of the history of the survival of his papers is intimately connected to Brereton Hall. 

There were very strange things afoot here in the seventeenth century, including alchemical experiments in the cellars, and a utopian project to improve and perfect the world. None of this has been written about before, and my conclusions are based on extensive manuscript research. The relevant pages of the article are 12-28. I have attached a pdf for your interest. Please feel free to distribute it to whomever you like, and as widely as you wish. 

You are more than welcome to quote or use any of the material from the article on your site, but please provide the full citation: Leigh T.I. Penman, 'Omnium exposita rapinae: The Afterlives of the Papers of Samuel Hartlib' Book History 19 (2016): 1-65.  Also - please do not post the whole pdf - it might get you into trouble, as I do not own the copyright (that is retained by the original publisher).

Very best






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