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Lewis Hyde Brereton
born: June 21, 1890 in Allegheny, PA
died: July 1967 in Maitland, FL

Lieutenant General, U.S. Army Air Corps (Three Stars)

When he was 13 his family moved to Chesapeake Bay at Annapolis. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1911 (three years behind his brother, Bill) and transferred to the Army.

When the U.S. entered WW I, he rose rapidly from 1st Lt. to high command in the Air Service and came through with a distinguished record, a D.S.C. (Distinguished Service Cross), Croix de Guerre, the Legion of Honor among other decorations. His explanation of that was simple: "I was flying like hell to get home and a lot of Huns got in my way."

1941, at the start of WW II saw him a Major General, commanding the 3rd Air Force at Tampa, FL. and by October he'd flown to Manila to assume command of the American Air Forces in the Far East, just two months before Japan struck at Pearl Harbor. He fought in every major theater during WW II, the one air commander whose experiences might be truly described as global. From the Philippines he moved to Australia with the broken remnant of his bomber squadron, went on the China-Berma-India theater, thence to North Africa, where he formed the Ninth Air Force (famous raid on Ploesti, Rumania Oil Refineries 8/1/43). He was then called to England to establish the Tactical Air Force which was to provide close support for the Normandy invasion. Then chosen to command the First Allied Airborne Army which made history at Arnhem, at the Rhine Crossing and at the bloody Battle of the Bulge.

Cover of TIME Magazine: May 4, 1942.

Author: The Brereton Diaries, The Ward in the Air in the Pacific, Middle East, and Europe: 1941-1945. Published in 1946 by William Morrow & Co.

Orders: telegram/letter

We received an e-mail from a member of L.H. Brereton's crew:

From: William Shrum
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 5:11 PM
Subject: L H Brereton

Dear Bruce

I was assigned to his crew around March of 1945 as a radio operator. The pilot, the next most important member of the crew was Richard Lapore., co pilot James Stephenson, crew chief Penrose A Bingaman, and navigator Joe D Pettigrew.

The pilot and I were from the 447th Bomb Group, the 710 squadron and had finished our combat tour, I do not know the group origin of the other crew members. We fist flew to France and picked up a new B17 G ser. no. 439440, that had been fitted with carpeting, seating and other amenities. Several trans ocean trips were made with and without the General, who was always attended by his aid, a WAC major and a major and Sergent from the 82nd or the 101st Airborne group.

The first crossing from Europe we landed at Mitchell Field, Long Island NY, then to Camp Blanding Florida for oders requiring all to report Mc Dill in the Tampa Florida area.

If you would like to call I would be pleased to hear from you.

(407) 876-7678
Windermere FL

(323) 292-6880
Los Angeles CA

(775) 782-1700
Minden, Nevada



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