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Here are two e-mails about the "Brereton Motto". Do any other Brereton's have some input on this subject? If so, send us an e-mail.

My name is Eric Brereton I live in Leeds England with my wife Jean we have a Son who has four more Breretons and a daughter with Two Brereton-Steeles

I was always lead to beleive that the family Motto was:

Opitulante Deo Fari Quoe Sentient

Which translated is

God being my helper I will speak what I think.

Which fits me as I always call a spade a shovel (if you know what I mean)

All the best
Eric Brereton

Eric -

Thanks for your note. You don't explain how you found me or what prompted you to write, but I assume you may have visited Bruce B's website and found the lectures I transcribed and edited from the 2001 Worldwide Reunion.

All I can tell you is that we heard (and saw inscribed) the shorter version of the Brereton motto:

Opitulante Deo - With God as my helper

several times during those tours, and never encountered any longer version such as the one you quote. I must say, though, that your version seems to fit, given some of our ancestors' roles in English politics. :-)

Alas, so much is encrusted in legend now - such as the true origin of the Muzzled Bear.

Perhaps Bruce can shed some more light on this.

Best regards.





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