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Here are two notes from Murray Brereton, from New Zealand.

Dear Bruce, I also have a book make she sent to me I think belonged to the last lord Brereton, the interesting thing is I have letters from My great-great uncle Dr Samuel Brereton sent from India with the same crest embossed on the letters and envelope. What do you know about the different Brereton crests?

Regards Murray

Subject: Brereton manuscripts

Re. MONTAGUE-SMITH, P.W. (ed.) was the editor of Debrett's Peerage;

He was a decedent of the Irish Brereton s and had been writing a book on the Breretons. Unfortunately he died app. 15 years ago. His wife has sent the manuscripts to the London genealogy society. (She was a cousin of my next door neighbor)

I don't know if any body has had access to this resource and would be interested to know if they have.

Murray Brereton.
New Zealand


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