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The Brereton name has been spelt in several different ways in old records, as Brereton, Bretune, Bretone, Breto, Breerton, Brierton, and Brerton, but mostly as Brereton. In early times, it appears as de Brereton; apparently "de" only meant that they resided at Brereton in Cheshire, England.

Source: The Brereton Story, compiled by Elva Masters.

From the 2001 worldwide Brereton reunion, people were asked the different ways they have seen "Brereton" misspelled.

Here are the results: Baereton, Baireton, Bareter, Bareton, Barrington, Beardon, Berergon, Braeton, Brairton, Brareton, Braritin, Braventone, Brayerton, Brearton, Breaton, Breberton, Breeton, Breherton, Breherton, Brenter, Breraton, Breredon, Brerenton, Breretan, Brereten, Breveton, Breyten, Brreerenton, Greretan, Harrington, le Breton.

Have you seen any other misspellings? If so, send us an e-mail with your input.



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