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Bundle 34, No. 23

Forasmuch as it is meritorious to every true Christian to testify the [1516] truth in matters that be in doubt. We, John Hollyns of Chedulton, co. Stafford, yeoman, James Wythurste of the same, yeoman, William Wodde of the same, yeoman, Thomas Wodde of the same, yeoman, Hugh Hasuls, Robert Hasuls, Richard Turner, Thurstan Grenehalgh, William Fyney, William Wall, John Cawsey, William Leke, William Brasyngton, William Fenton, William Bate, John Mounteforde, John Fenton, Rauffe Fenton, Lawrence Wheywall, Thomas Hethe, Geoffrey Challoner, John Malkyn, Thomas Forde, John Bagnall, Richard Newton, William Wodde the younger, Richard Bate, Hugh Bentley, Thomas Mosse, William Mounteforde, George Hasulhurste, of the same, yeomen, Thomas Hethe of Horton, yeoman, William Hethe, John Mychell, William Wolstenholme, Hugh Michell, William Bradwall, Thomas Watson, Thomas Lee, of the same, yeomen, Thomas Sergiante of Bagnall, yeoman, William Forde of Jamyshalve (? Farnyshalve), yeomen, Richard Malkyn, yeoman, William Sherard [of .., torn off], yeoman, Hugh Bentley of the same, William Malkyn, Humfrey Bulelowe, Raufe Porter, William Turnore, all of the same, Roger Stepulton, Thomas Malkyn, Henry Malkyn, of the same, John Wegwode, of the same, James Sutton, Rauffe Sutton, William Alote, Richard Godwyn, yeoman, all of the same, Lawrence Clowes of Wyldmore acre, yeoman, Thomas Byrchys of Myxston (Mixne), yeoman, John Bronley, Robert Bronley, yeomen, all of the same, William Bailly of Bradnope, yeoman, John Coke, Richard Holme, William Grenehalghe, William Goodwyn and Richard Goodwyn, all of the same, yeomen, depose that before the murder of Paunsfote committed by Thomas Hyde and other adherents and servants of Sir John Savage, knight, the said Thomas Hyde was never denisant or abiding in the lordship or township of Leek, where the said Sir John is steward by the grant of William Albeyn, Abbot of Deulacrese, or of one of his predecessors, but within the space of ... after the feast of Easter last he came and abode in the said lordship; and at Whitsuntide last, rumour was in the lordship that the said Hyde was present at the murder of Paunsfote and consenting to the same, and that he was aided by the said Abbot, John Brereton and others, tenants of the said Abbot and Brereton, and that he could not have escaped untouched but by the special aid of the tenants and servants of the said Abbott and John Brereton, deputy steward to Sir John Savage. Furthermore we, the above-named, testify that all times after the King's Commission to William Eggerton to take the said Hyde he endeavoured to ... the said Thomas Hyde and others at the house of Hugh Hethe where he used to be, and at Richard Aleyn's and made so sharp in pursuing after the said Hyde that he was constrained to waive his horse, saddle and bridle and flee in secret way from the house of the said Aleyn to the house of Lawrence Plonte, tenant to the said Abbot. We testify that at the feast of St. Michael the Archangel last, at Leek, John Brereton made alarm, whereby the tenants of the Abbot in the Frythe and in the township of Leeke, to the number of 200, riotously assembled and went towards the house of William Wolstenholme, where the said William Eggerton was.

Further we testify, that the next day ensuing we came to Leek, to the house of one Swanne, to drink and make us merry, and there found William Eggerton with his chaplain and two of his household servants, and no more. Also the same day we saw the Abbot with 8 of his monks and other "temporal" men come from the house of Fernehalghe in Leek, near the house of the said Swanne, where he found John Bretan and a great company assembled in riotous manner and they both tarried before the said house an hour, with their weapons, and John Brereton shot an arrow through the window, where the said William sat. We saw the Abbot take his bow from his monk Whitney and take an arrow from under his girdle and nick it into his bow. Furthermore, an hour after their departing, John Brereton with two of his household servants, named William Brereton and James Carter, and divers servants of the said Abbot, to wit, John Ryder, Thomas Albyn, Rauffe Albyn, John Aleyn and others, to the number of 40, returned to the said town, to the house of John Fayrefylde, where were 30 more riotous persons of the adherents of the said Abbot and John Brereton, and after the said John Brereton had entered into the house, the said William Eggerton, with the said William Mountforte, William Fyney, William Milner his neighbours, issued forth out of the house of Farnniehalgh to which he came after the departing of the Abbot and Brereton, intending to repair to his house called the Walle Graunge, after whom the said Brereton with his company followed, and pursued in such manner that the said William Egerton and his company were compelled to enter the chancel of the parish church of Leeke, for the safeguard of his and our lives, and the aforenamed John Brereton, etc., continued the said assault until the day next ensuing, so that the said William Eggerton nor us his neighbours durst come forth of the said chancel. Also we record that two or three days after the said assault we saw trees, poles and ladders thrown over the highway in Leek, where men used to pass, and the common saying was they were laid by the servants of the Abbot of Delucresse and John Brereton that no man should have course that way, to "peace" the said John Brereton and his company of their riotous act and intent to slay William Egerton. Moreover we, with Thrustane Bradshawe, clerk, record that after the entering into the chancel, William Egerton commanded me [sic] to depart to the Wall Graunge, and after I came forth of the said church, Richard North, servant to the Abbot, with others, would not suffer me the said Thrustane to depart homewards, but contrary to my will, led me as prisoner to the house of John Robyns, then constable at Leeke aforesaid, and there imprisoned me 48 hours.

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