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Here is some Brereton genealogy data from Adrian. This includes corrections to other genealogy files that are on this website:

Potential Problem Report - 20 Jun 2010
Name Problem
BRERETON, Emily Maria-298 Parents married after person's birth
BRERETON, Emily Maria-298 Father born after person's birth
BRERETON, Emily Maria-298 Mother born after person's birth
BRERETON, Francis-168 Unknown sex
BRERETON, Henry Arthur-285 Parents married after person's birth
BRERETON, Henry Arthur-285 Father 1 years old when person was born
BRERETON, Henry Arthur-285 Mother 4 years old when person was born
BRERETON, Henry Arthur-287 Parents married after person's birth
BRERETON, Ino.-169 Unknown sex
BRERETON, Jane-198 Born after father's death
BRERETON, Joseph-234 Marriage after Death
HOLTE, Elizabeth-351 Mother 51 years old when person was born

Marriage April 1867
Brereton  Thomas William    Pancras  1b 92   
Harris      Ellen Elizabeth     Pancras  1b 92    (you show name as Harrisman)

Household: 1881 Census

David ALEXANDER       Head       M   Male   47   Otley, Suffolk    Farmer Of 245 Acres Employing 6 Men & 2 Boys    
Emily ALEXANDER       Wife       M   Female   42   Framsden, Suffolk        
Walter ALEXANDER       Son      Male   11   Marlesford, Suffolk    Scholar    
Bessie ALEXANDER       Daur    Female   9   Marlesford, Suffolk    Scholar    
Emily ALEXANDER       Daur      Female   7   Marlesford, Suffolk    Scholar    
David ALEXANDER       Son       Male   3   Marlesford, Suffolk        
Susan BULLOCK       Servant     U   Female   18   Bacton, Suffolk    Dairy Maid (Ag Lab)    
Arthur SMITH           Servant       U   Male   17   Marlesford, Suffolk    Farm Servant    

Hope that they assist you in some way.


Here is more information from other locations:

#5 Mar 1642 ( Incorrect data field)

5 Mar 1642 Burial Mary BRERETON-197
5 Dec 1687 Burial Elizabeth GORING-202

Abilene , KS

17 Jan 1881 Death Ozell TRASK-377

# Acton by Nantwich, Cheshire, England

Burial Charles HOLTE-328

1749 Death Alethea BRERETON-236
16 Mar 1753 Burial Alethea-233
1793 Burial Polly BRERETON-241


abt 1386 Marriage William de BRERETON-43 and Anylla VENABLES-50

Barnstable , MA

28 Nov 1644 Marriage Samuel LATHROP-363 and Elizabeth SCUDDER-364
8 Nov 1653 Death John LATHROP-362

Brereton, Cheshire, England

abt 1460 Birth Elizabeth BRERETON-117

#Brereton, Cheshire, England

Burial Henry BRERETON-203
abt 1552 Birth Mary BRERETON-180
4 Sep 1559 Burial William BRERETON-145
Aug 1579 Birth William BRERETON-186
Nov 1581 Birth Elizabeth BRERETON-193
Jun 1584 Birth Robert BRERETON-187
abt 1586 Birth William BRERETON-188
abt 1586 Death William BRERETON-188
1 Mar 1586 Death Robert BRERETON-187
21 Sep 1586 Burial Margaret BRERETON-194
25 Feb 1591 Birth Sir John BRERETON-189
9 May 1597 Burial Margaret SAVAGE-177
Nov 1624 Birth John BRERETON-196
4 May 1631 Birth William BRERETON-200
Nov 1633 Birth Anne BRERETON-208
Aug 1638 Birth George BRERETON-204
Jun 1639 Birth Thomas BRERETON-205
7 Jan 1663 Burial Anne FITTON-190
21 Apr 1664 Burial William BRERETON-195
1671 Birth Thomas BRERETON-223
May 1709 Burial Thomas BRERETON-205
6 Apr 1736 Burial Elizabeth BRERETON-210
Mar 1742 Burial Mary BULMER-226

Burford, Lincolnshire, England

12 May 1622 Birth Elizabeth SCUDDER-364


22 Jan 1971 Death Ozell Trask STATELER-381

Cheshire , New Haven, CT

1 Sep 1781 Birth Fannie IVES-373

Chicago , IL

12 Mar 1884 Death Cortena A. FORBES-378
19 Jun 1953 Birth Vera MILENKOVIC-386
3 May 1985 Marriage Timothy Trask WATKINS-385 and Vera MILENKOVIC-386

# Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, England

12 Oct 1759 Burial Mary HOLTE-346

Crystal Lake , IL

26 Feb 1993 Death David T. WATKINS Jr.-384

#Dukinfield, Cheshire, England

26 Jan 1893 Death Sarah MAYHEW-256

Eastwell, Kent, England

1533 Birth Alice HINTON-358
1572 Birth Alice LLOYD-360
abt 1574 Marriage Thomas HULSE-357 and Alice HINTON-358
1575 Birth John HOWSE-359
1580 Death Thomas HULSE-357
abt 1594 Birth Hannah HOWSE-361
10 Oct 1610 Marriage John LATHROP-362 and Hannah HOWSE-361
30 Aug 1630 Death John HOWSE-359

# Egerton St Valentine, Kent, England

Birth William de BRERETON-43

Egerton, Kent, England

1622/23 Birth Samuel LATHROP-363

# Eastwell, Kent, England

abt 1176 Birth Ralph de BRERETON-2
#1593 Marriage John HOWSE-359 and Alice LLOYD-360

Etton, Harthill Wapentake, Yorkshire

20 Dec 1584 Birth John LATHROP-362

#Finchampstead, Hampshire, England

Aug 1887 Death Maria Emily BRERETON-318

# Finchley Cemetery, London N

Burial Ellen Elizabeth HARRISMAN-280

#Framlingham, Suffolk. England

30 Oct 1840 Birth Helen Sarah BRERETON-263 |
9 Jan 1847 Burial Maria STUDD-276
1848 Birth Thomas Joseph BRERETON-260
1851 Birth William Henry BRERETON-261
1852 Birth Georgiana Mary BRERETON-264
1853 Death Georgiana Mary BRERETON-264
1855 Death William Henry BRERETON-261
8 Apr 1855 Birth Edward William BRERETON-262
2 Jul 1879 Marriage Edward William BRERETON-262 and Henrietta Mary ATTWOOD-269

#Framsden, Suffolk, England

6 Jan 1858 Burial Thomas William BRERETON-239

#Framsden, Suffolk, England

Burial Mary WAYTETH-240
Birth Mary Jane BRERETON-312
Birth Edward William BRERETON-317
Birth Hannah BRERETON-321
9 Feb 1815 Birth Thomas Joseph BRERETON-247
Jul 1818 Birth Arthur Henry BRERETON-249
1838 Burial Thomas John BRERETON-257
7 Sep 1845 Birth Henry Arthur BRERETON-285
27 May 1848 Birth Anne BRERETON-308
19 Jun 1857 Birth Helen Maria BRERETON-316
abt 1866 Death Arthur Edward BRERETON-322

Galesburg, IL

10 Mar 1836 Birth Ozell TRASK-377
29 Mar 1886 Death Jane CRANE-376
29 Mar 1898 Birth Janet MYERS-382


Birth Anne FITTON-190

Good Easter

15 Jan 1802 Marriage Joseph BRERETON-234 and Mary WAYTETH-235

Good Easter, England

abt 1780 Birth Mary WAYTETH-240
15 Jan 1802 Marriage Thomas William BRERETON-239 and Mary WAYTETH-240

#Gosbeck, Suffolk, England

17 Mar 1858 Birth Henrietta Mary ATTWOOD-269

Gratwick, England

22 Oct 1903 Death Arthur Thomas BRERETON-258
26 Oct 1903 Burial Arthur Thomas BRERETON-258


abt 1415 Death William de BRERETON-53

Hatherton, Cheshire, England

1510 Birth Margery CORBETT-356

#Helmingham, Suffolk, England

Birth Mary BULMER-226
8 Dec 1733 Burial Thomas BRERETON-223
26 Oct 1836 Marriage Thomas Joseph BRERETON-247 and Sarah MAYHEW-256

Helmingham, Suffolk, England

Mar 1719 Birth Joseph BRERETON-232

Holfon Hall, England

Mar 1787 Death Joseph BRERETON-232

Hubberholme, England

21 Mar 1881 Birth Cecil Attwood BRERETON-270
5 Sep 1882 Birth Claude BRERETON-271

# Ipswich Cemetery, Suffolk, England

Burial Edward William BRERETON-317

# Ipswich Cemetery, Suffolk, England

Burial Anne PALMER-278

# Ipswich, Suffolk, England

1867 Death Annette BRERETON-323
1883 Birth Benjamin Arthur BRERETON-267


Birth Catherine FITZSIMON-154

Joliet, IL

6 Dec 1957 Death Grace J. TRASK-379

#Kettleburgh, Suffolk, England

Birth David ALEXANDER-299

Kent, England

abt 1544 Marriage Philip HULSE-355 and Margery CORBETT-356

#Kinderton, Cheshire

Birth Anylla VENABLES-50
Birth Thomas VENABLES-184

Kings Bromley, Stafford, England

1724 Birth Sarah NEWTON-338

Lacon, IL

24 Nov 1842 Birth Cortena A. FORBES-378 |
10 Nov 1923 Birth David T. WATKINS Jr.-384

Lincoln, Nebraska

5 Apr 1953 Birth Timothy Trask WATKINS-385

#Linton, Yorkshire West Riding , England

24 Apr 1884 Birth Hilda Mary BRERETON-274
20 Jan 1886 Birth Mildred Emma BRERETON-275
16 Jun 1888 Birth Arthur Douglas BRERETON-273

# Ipswich, Suffolk, England

1886 Burial Thomas Joseph BRERETON-260

# London, England

Death William BRERETON-277
17 Mar 1679 Death William BRERETON-200
12 Mar 1782 Death Charles HOLTE-328
Mar 1874 Marriage Thomas Joseph BRERETON-260 and Louisa BARNES-265
3 May 1881 Birth Helen BRERETON-268

# London, Middlesex, England

16 Feb 1633/34 Death Hannah HOWSE-361

Lower Peover, Cest.

6 Mar 1787 Burial Joseph BRERETON-232

Lower Peover, England

25 Mar Burial Lucy Green BRERETON-244
24 Apr 1783 Death Joseph BRERETON-234
22 Jul 1790 Burial Nancy BRERETON-243

Mancester, Warwick, England

8 Dec 1803 Marriage Walter Henry BRACEBRIDGE-333 and Mary BRACEBRIDGE-332

Marbury, Cheshire, England

abt 1475 Birth Thomas HULSE-354
abt 1515 Birth Philip HULSE-355

#Mendham, Suffolk, England

Burial Fanny Kate MAYHEW-250
Burial Henry BRERETON-251
1852 Birth Julia Kate BRERETON-254
1858 Birth Henrietta Anette BRERETON-255

# Merton College, Oxford

1776 Birth Thomas William BRERETON-239

#Middlewich, Cheshire, England

Jun 1591 Burial Elizabeth BRERETON-179

#Monewden, Suffolk, England

24 Feb 1845 Birth Arthur Thomas BRERETON-258

Morscaule, England

15 Nov 1896 Death Thomas Joseph BRERETON-247

Moxbury, Kent, England

1545 Birth Thomas HULSE-357

#Nantwich, Cheshire, England

abt 1711 Burial Frances BRERETON-212
1 Dec 1716 Burial Mary BRERETON-209
4 Jan 1718 Burial Anne BRERETON-208
14 May 1720 Burial Jane BRERETON-211

Norbury, Cheshire, England

abt 1450 Birth Phillip LEGH-122
abt 1478 Birth Ellen LEGH-353

Norwich, New London, Connecticut

13 Oct 1655 Birth Sarah LATHROP-365
Feb 1699/1700 Death Samuel LATHROP-363

Norwick, England

18 Sep 1721 Burial John HOLTE-341

#Notting Hill, London, England

9 Nov 1875 Birth Henry Thomas BRERETON-266

#St Pancras Church, London, England

16 Apr 1867 Marriage Thomas William BRERETON-279 and Ellen Elizabeth HARRISMAN-280

#Parham, Suffolk, England

Birth Frances WILLOUGHBY-216

#Framsden, Suffolk, England

Burial Mary WAYTETH-235

Rockford, IL

1978 Death Janet MYERS-382

Sarasota, Florida

9 Feb 1955 Death Charles B. STATELER-380


1772 Death Elizabeth HOLTE-351

# St. Clement Dane, Strand, London, Englands

13 Oct 1679 Death John HOLTE-199

#St. Martins, London, England

Burial William BRERETON-200

St. Yarmouth, England

Burial Arthur Henry BRERETON-249

1889 Death Arthur Henry BRERETON-249

Streator, IL

7 Jul 1927 Birth Barbara L. STATELER-383

#Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England

16 May 1750 Death Elizabeth LEGH-342

Terre Haute, IN

22 Oct 1875 Birth Grace J. TRASK-379

Varna, IL

29 Mar 1874 Birth Charles B. STATELER-380
18 Oct 1897 Birth Ozell Trask STATELER-381

Wallingford, New Haven, CT

10 Dec 1680 Birth Samuel HALL-368
27 Jul 1687 Birth Love ROYCE-367
2 May 1704 Marriage Samuel HALL-368 and Love ROYCE-367
11 Nov 1706 Death Sarah LATHROP-365
6 Dec 1713 Birth Sarah HALL-369
20 Nov 1746 Birth Abraham IVES-372
23 Jun 1749 Birth Eunice HULL-371
21 Sep 1755 Death Love ROYCE-367

#Wilby, Suffolk, England

1 Mar 1803 Birth Edward William BRERETON-246

Worchester Co, MA

13 Jan 1775 Birth Simon TRASK-374

#Wyresdale, Lancashire, England

7 Jun 1887 Burial Emily Alethea BRERETON-248
31 Jan 1893 Burial Sarah MAYHEW-256
6 Feb 1893 Death Henry Thomas BRERETON-266
18 Nov 1896 Burial Thomas Joseph BRERETON-247



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