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A note from Michael Sandford:

Dear Bruce,

This is to let you know that your web page where Heather Fawcett asks for help in identifyng her 1862 photo labeled Captain Brereton, has lead to some correspondence between us, and from evidence in Brereton family letters we are covinced that it is John Alfred Brereton (1827-1913) of the Bengal Native Infantry, who had just been promoted to a Captain. He had arrived home in England in December 1861, and spent some months visiting home, family, and friends in Norfolk when this photo was taken which was preserved in an album with photos of Daniel Gurney's home at North Runcton Hall. John eventually retired as a major-general and went to live first in the Isle of Man, and finally at Tunbridge Wells. John was my 2 greats uncle.

There are probably descendants living today who might be interested in the photo - my third cousins, but I have not yet tracked any down yet ( children of his grandaughters Iris Marion Brereton and John Roland Stagg or of Elizabeth Margaret Brereton and Christopher Francis Martin.)

As an interesting aside, Daniel Gurney was one of the Gurney family of Quaker bankers whose Overend and Gurney Bank of Norwich went bust in 1866 just over 140 years before the next British Bank failure - Northern Rock.

Michael Sandford
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 6:10 AM


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